AOMEI Image Deploy

by AOMEI Technology

Image deployment and network cloning software that can support multiple network computers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AOMEI Technology

Release: AOMEI Image Deploy 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you're a business owner with many different computers that all require the same patches, programs, operating systems, etc. it can take a tremendous amount of energy and time trying to restore your desired system image across all computers one-by-one. Thankfully this is where AOMEI Image Deploy for Windows comes into play. This powerful program works by helping users to create a Windows PE ISO system image of your desired computer configuration, which will serve as the baseline system image for all computers that you want to update. Once this universal system image has been created, AOMEI Image Deploy software helps you ensure all your desired computer clients are connected to the same central LAN network. Once this is the case, AOMEI will begin simultaneously installing the system image on all the computers connected to the network rapidly and efficiently. This process is made extremely simple for even the novice user as the program comes built-in with an installation wizard that will walk you through each step as is necessary.

For users who are worried about all computers needing the same hardware configuration for this to work, fear not. AOMEI software works consistently regardless of the different hardware configurations in your computers, such as differing motherboards and CPUs. The real-time monitoring features of the program display all the unique IPs of the connected client networks to allow central and efficient monitoring of the image restoration process with the ability to see percentage-based real-time estimates of the time left to complete the task. The integrated batch distribution system in this program also ensures that unique names and IP addresses are given to the various client computers to allow for seamless internet connectivity once the installation of the image is complete. All in all, this program is amazingly functional, and a huge asset for anyone who is in charge of making sure a fleet of computers are all on the same page in terms of their programs, patches, and other key factors.  


Allows users to deploy a system image containing software, drivers, patches, etc. across multiple computers simultaneously rather than one-by-one restoration
  • Supports system image deployment to multiple computers regardless of different hardware such as different CPUs or motherboard types to ensure normal system startup
  • Distributes unique names and IP addresses to completed client computers to ensure instant network access as well as the ability for remote control of the system image
  • Real-time process monitoring displays all the client IPs of the server in a convenient status list that allows easy managing of all clients in one place.
  • The full feature set of the program rivals that of programs that can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Very convenient and easy to use even for novice users, built-in installation wizard allows users to follow a simple step by step prompt to deploy batch images across a network

Supports all Windows operating systems

AOMEI's new Image Deploy software has been a fantastic solution for our business. Our operation has a relatively small network configuration, and Image Deploy allows us to support multiple computers on our local network as needed. Compared to other solutions on the market, this product is incredibly simple and easy to use, and the Technician version is very reasonably priced!
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