ATI Tray Tools

by Ray Adams

ATI Tray Tools (ATT) is a freeware program for ATI Radeon video cards

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ray Adams

Release: ATI Tray Tools

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ATI Tray Tools is a Radeon utility that gives the user instant access to options and settings. It is a very small download for a very handy tool.


  • It can record audio
  • Auto overclocking when an application requires 3D mode
  • Monitors your computer temperature 
  • Game profile creator that can be added to the desktop.
  • System-wide hotkeys
  • Allows you to set separate refresh rates for whatever resolution you want.
  • Supports the ATI Control Center
  • Artifact tester to help your GPU and Memory
  • Low-level color correction
  • Can show system information for your Radeon
  • The ability to take screenshots.
  • Supports powerful plug-ins
  • Direct3D and OpenGL settings with tray pop up menu.
  • Supports HYDRAVISION
  • Adjust image quality
  • turn on/off special driver features

ATI Tray Tools is a freeware that allows you to have instant access to many options, but the biggest of them has to be the ability to overclock your graphics card without having to use the BIOS. Overclocking through Windows instead of through the BIOS has many advantages and a few disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages of overclocking with this freeware is that the changes being made through windows are significantly less than just starting from 0, so you have a much less chance of your computer crashing or auto restarting. And one of the bigger disadvantages of using this program to overclock is that overclocking through the BIOS is usually a lot more stable than overclocking through Windows. A lot of computer companies like Dell and HP lock the BIOS so that you can not overclock your graphics card, this freeware program is a workaround to that, since it does not have to access the BIOS to overclock and can do so directly from the desktop. If you are looking for a very light very strong tool to open your computer options up I would recommend giving ATI Tray Tools a try.

allows instant access to options and setting by right clicking.

This is freeware which means it is 100% free. The size of the download is 1.4mb, which is very small for such a very powerful tool.

ATI Tray Tools is a freeware that offers many options for users. You have the ability to overclock your graphics card without using the BIOS. It can support audio and powerful plug-ins. It is 100% free. The download size is 1.4 mb, which is incredible for such a powerful tool.
ATI Tray Tools for Windows is a great tool, you can easily access it from your desktop and it will make faster and easier every type of tweaks you may want to apply to your ATI Radeon Video Card. You can change the resolution, colors, and a lot more options. Most importantly, ATI Tray Tools also has an option for Over Clocking in case you need more power, or you can also choose Under Clocking if you decide the power being used is way too much. ATI Tray Tools is there to make your overall computer experience better.
This is a small and useful tool that gives you a lot of shortcuts to setting in your Windows tray. It is specifically targeted toward those that have Radeon graphics cards, as it was made for it but also supports many other features such as Direct3D and OpenGL settings. It's a great tool since it's out of the way until you need it and provides many things you would usually spend a lot of time searching for.
Once installed, the ATI Tray Tools for Windows can be found in the notification area of the Windows toolbar. It makes it easy to access tools that I need. It's a pull-out. It lets me access video tools easily. It's all right there part of the Windows toolbar. It's easy to navigate. I don't waste time clicking on many different directories just to get to the item that I want. The ATI Tray Tools for Windows is a time saver. Best part of it is that it is free to download.
I was looking for a software that will help me control the ATI Tray Tools. I found this ATI Tray Tools for Windows software. It has everything I am looking for. It's was easy to install. There's also theater mode. I can also control my game profile using it. It can do so much in one piece of software.
With this application i can actually customize how i want to see the screen, its resolution, colors, rotation, and extended desktop settings just by a right click. it is conveniently located in the task bar and i use it to take screenshots while gaming easily. Moreover you can choose from over 20 different languages and has a facility of OnScreen Display. You can use it on you normal computer version as it is acceptable for mostly all versions.
ATI Tray Tools is the go to application for having access to various functions of the ATI Card. It opens up directly from one of the tray icons in the task bar and can provide easy access to all the options related to the graphics card. Making it very easy to change anything in the settings without having to access any other menu option. Users get options like, change resolution, extended desktop, change OpenGL/Direct3D settings, create game profiles among various other functionalities. Its a very lightweight application that comes free and is used very commonly by ATI Card users.
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