AVG Antivirus Business Edition

by AVG Technologies

Antivirus software that protects your computer from malware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AVG Technologies

Release: AVG Antivirus Business Edition 16.161.8039

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I've been using AVG Antivirus Business Edition for my work office, and we've had a really positive experience with it so far. A lot of older people work at my office, so having this program gives them (and me) the much-needed peace of mind. Now I don't have to waste my time trying to help my coworkers figure out why their computer is running slow. We would have to completely wipe ours annually due to the worry of our files getting compromised. This software even has the ability to scan my PC when I'm not at work using it to ensure that it is safe. AVG also has top of the line ransomware protection that shields us from any cyber criminals. 

A key feature that I couldn't live without is AVG's Remote Management tool. This allows me to remotely control any PC I have linked with it. I can oversee and manage nearly all of my coworker's computers through this. It lets me configure the AVG settings on any and all computers I have access to. It helps me deal with issues they are having without the need to jump on their computer and to disturb their workflow. Remote Management is a real game-changer for our office. No longer do I have to worry about whether someone has the correct AVG Antivirus settings to ensure their computer's protection. AVG also automatically updates, so there is never an issue of having an out of date version of the software. It supports nearly all of the main web browsers too. 

AVG also offers dedicated phone support, which is a nice plus. If one of my coworkers or I can't figure something out with it, we just call them, and they help us troubleshoot nearly any issue we have with it. 

If you are worried about the safety of your computer or have valuable files, you should check out AVG Antivirus Business Edition. With the age of internet hackers and sketchy parts of the web, compromised work privacy is a worry I no longer have. It's put our whole office at ease and has increased our production rate. We now talk less about our computer security and more about work! If your work environment depends on the success of your computers staying safe, I would be running to AVG as fast as I could. 

Aids your computer in ensuring you will not get any viruses

  • Ransomware Protection 
  • Link scanner feature 
  • Firewall 
  • CyberCapture tool 
  • Free dedicated support 
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