by Andrey Moskvichev V.

Its utility consists of 4 libraries (Brew, Apache, MongoDB, and PHP).

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Andrey Moskvichev V.

Release : BAMP 3.3.2

Antivirus check: passed

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BAMP is a utility that consists of 4 technologies of Brew, Apache, MongoDB, and PHP. It was created to offer a streamlined approach to server management.


  • BAMP comes with a simple and intuitive interface. This helps you to change PHP versions smoothly and manage the roots of the documents.
  • There is a lot of flexibility that you get with the BAMP utility. You can configure various document roots as well as select any of them at any time you want. It is great for organizing project elements and promotes accessibility.
  • After you have used BAMP to configure the server, it is not needed to stay open. The server will continue to operate quietly. You needn't worry about it using a lot of resources. 
  • BAMP gives you troubleshooting help and practical solutions to all the common issues users face. If you get stuck, it will guide to problems associated with PHP execution or compatibility with the MongoDB extension.
  • It is a project which is driven by community because of being open-source. This implies there are consistent contributions from people and room for feedback. It is also free.
  • BAMP uses the capabilities of Homebrew for the installation of MongoDB, Apache, and multiple PHP versions. It makes the complete process simple and efficient. The only tool you need to get started is Homebrew, which is installed on your device.
  • It is easy to use. Comes with a turn-on and turn-off toggle button for the server. On button will start the Apache server and the off button will stop it.
  • BAMP is designed to behave like a PHP Switcher. You don't need the PHP Switcher Script to switch between many versions of PHP.
  • When you compare to tools like MAMP, they depend on external updates, but BAMP uses Homebrew, which gives you more customization opportunities and control over your development environment.

BAMP is a capable utility software that is great for managing servers. It utilizes Homebrew to install and configure MongoDB and Apache and gives you the capability to switch between different PHP versions. You must try it if you wish to use a simple server management utility for your PC. 

BAMP is designed to behave like a PHP Switcher. You don't need the PHP Switcher Script´╗┐ to switch between many versions of PHP.
- Operates on Windows 7, 8, 10.
- Requires at least 2GB RAM for smooth operation.
- Disk space of at least 100MB.
- Graphics card to support high-quality decoding.

Eliminates the need for additional software or codecs.
High-quality decoding ensures optimal visual experience.
User-friendly interface, simple to navigate.

Lacks customizable advanced settings for experienced users.
Occasional issues with rare file formats.
Interface design might be overly simplified for some.