Barcode Generator Software


Create, design, and send customizable barcodes for commercial use with varied automation options.

Operating system: Windows


Release : Barcode Generator Software 9.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Barcode Generator Software is a vital tool for creating downloadable barcodes for both commercial and non-commercial use. This practical and efficient tool facilitates the generation of barcodes as bitmap or vector-based images. The barcodes can be customized according to the specific needs of the user by utilizing various barcode font types such as Databar, Databar EAN 13, PDF417, QR Code, MICR, and many more. Additionally, it allows the integration of logos, colors, and designs.

Furthermore, this barcode creation software offers a wide array of automation and batch processing options for generating, designing, printing, and saving multiple barcode images. It is capable of using import data such as datasets, Excel files, text imports, series, as well as manual entries. It even allows sending the generated barcodes or images to user-defined email addresses through its built-in email settings.

  • Generate a list of barcodes using sequential series, random series, and constant value series.
  • The batch processing function facilitates the generation of multiple copies of labels with different barcodes and text values in the barcode design view.
  • Create customizable and easily printable barcodes.
  • Offers the ability to save barcode images in various image file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG, WMF, EMF, EXIF, and GIF.
  • Features an advanced printing mode (Predefined and Manual Label Stocks) for easily printing multiple barcode copies.

The Barcode Generator software is capable of creating professional UPC barcodes for retail trade, store inventory, the healthcare industry, and even sizable 2D barcodes for storing URLs or data on marketing media! It is designed to generate machine-readable codes in the form of various numbers that can be scanned and read by built-in scanners. Moreover, it is compatible with importing values from Excel or text files to create barcodes and exporting values to text or Excel documents for future reuse.

Barcode Generator Software enables efficient and personalized creation, printing, and saving of multiple customizable barcodes.

In conclusion, Barcode Generator is a powerful and versatile tool for anyone or business that needs to generate barcodes in an efficient and personalized manner.

Requires operating system compatible with bitmap or vector-based images generation.
Should allow integration of different barcode font types.
Needs import data functionality for datasets, Excel files, text imports, series.
Capability to send the generated barcodes to email addresses is required.

Allows customization of barcodes including fonts, colors, and designs.
Offers automation and batch processing for multiple barcodes.
Supports various image file formats for saving barcodes.

Limited software compatibility may restrict user accessibility.
Lacks a user-friendly interface for beginners.
Doesn't support some rarer barcode types.
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