by PassMark Software

A free to download UPS for a laptop battery

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PassMark Software

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Last revision: Last week

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BatteryMon provides detailed information about the current state of the laptop battery and UPS. Batteries are known to be vulnerable to corrosion, wear and tear, leakage and other problems due to their chemical structure. This utility will allow you to prevent similar consequences of operation and to take your laptop in time for repair. BatteryMon displays full information not only about the charge, but also about the technical characteristics of the portable battery.

Particularly important parameters that the program provides detailed information about are voltage, current battery load parameters, number of charge cycles, manufacturer's data, etc. In addition, with BatteryMon you can view basic information about the system. Application developers seem to have a strong love for charts, diagrams and tables. Any of the battery or uninterruptible power supply parameters can be displayed in one of the above views. In general, the BatteryMon interface can be called the strong point of the application, as it is very qualitatively and thoughtfully executed.

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One thing i am always skeptic about is my laptop's battery life.BatteryMon has come in handy to help me monitor the current state of my laptop's battery and UPS.Now i am confident because i am always on track with any corrosion, wear and tear, leakage and other problems that my battery might experience in future.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner

BatteryMon for Windows is a great software that has improved my computer's performance so much. I have always struggled with battery usage on devices, so having a software that gives me extensive details about battery performance and ways to improve my battery has been so beneficial. This software can also diagnose problems with battery cells and give a detailed report about the battery's performance so that I'm aware when a problem exists and don't have to worry about my computer randomly dying and losing progress or whatever I was working on. I would highly recommend this software to anyone, as anyone would benefit from improving their battery life and staying informed about their device!
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Kai Zaret

BatteryMon is a Windows application that monitors the performance of a laptop's battery and provides detailed information about the battery's health and performance. It displays a variety of information such as battery charge level, charge/discharge rate, estimated remaining run-time and battery capacity. It also provides an alert if the battery health decreases to a certain level.
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Jack Krulik

I have been using BatteryMon for several months now and have found it to be a very useful tool for monitoring the state of my laptop battery. It is easy to install and set up and provides detailed information about the battery’s current charge level and time remaining. The software also provides data about the battery’s health, temperature and cycle count which is helpful for checking whether the battery needs to be replaced. The software also has the ability to generate detailed reports so you can track your laptop’s battery usage over time. It has been a useful tool for keeping an eye on the battery health of my laptop.
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George A********j

BatteryMon is an effective tool for monitoring the health of laptop batteries. It accurately displays the current charge level, charging capacity, and the number of charge cycles. It also offers a detailed analysis of battery performance over time. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. There are a few features that are missing, however.
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