Optimize your PC by keeping your BIOS and Drivers up to date

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Over ten million people have downloaded BIOSAgentPlus to check their computers for new BIOS and old Drivers to improve PC performance and speed. It will give you instant access to a detailed report of their findings. 


  • Checks for new BIOS updates
  • Finds old Drivers and recommends appropriate updates
  • Improves PC performance and speeds 
  • Offers convenient video updates for AGP and PCI, Inc. has been working for over 20 years to create top of the line software to keep its customer's BIOS up to date and working at optimal levels. Their innovative team has created a line up of tools to keep computers, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and more at working speeds that keep up with this busy world. BIOSAgentPlus will keep a BIOS up to date with the most current updates available, providing the customer with the peace of mind of knowing their computers are running at optimal levels.

It speeds up your input/output for faster performance, Inc. has been working for over 20 years to create top of the line software to keep its customer's BIOS up to date and working at optimal levels. Their innovative team has created a line up of tools to keep computers, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and more at working speeds that keep up with this busy world. BIOSAgentPlus will keep a BIOS up to date with the most current updates available, providing the customer with the peace of mind of knowing their computers are running at optimal levels.


Drivers are imperative to the running of any operating system. They work by communicating with the computer's hardware, which makes it work with the operating system. Old drivers can clog up a computer and cause it to slow down or stop working altogether. BIOSAgentPlus will find old drivers and provide the necessary update recommendations. It provides access to a BIOS/Driver report that outlines exactly what action should be taken to improve PC performance, so there is never any guessing what needs to be done.


Can you fix these problems without BIOSAgentPlus? It is possible to fix a computer's BIOS without the aid of specialized software. However, unless a tech expert is doing it, it is very easy to do significant damage to a computer's operating system by changing the settings incorrectly. With BIOSAgentPlus, the customer can be confident that the BIOS is up to date and working correctly without any risk.

Nick Ellis
This is a software that improves PC performance by managing BIOS
This is a shortcut to keeping your computer drivers updated to where they will not clog up or slow down your computer and thus it will increase the speed you operate in. It will also show you just what you are running. It is good to keep you in the "know" and in the "new". It will simplify things for you.
Jackson Stanton
BIOS Agent Plus helps one know how many driver updates. It shows you when you need a update for your graphics driver if you are a gamer, so that you don't have any graphics issues with games arise due to outdated graphics drivers. It'll also tell you the moment you need to update your USB drivers so that your USB ports can always be functioning properly. The product window shows a simple list of all driver types with a check or a x next to them. It handles everything driver related so your PC can perform at peak performance.
BIOSAgentPlus is a great tool to keep track of your BIOS and make sure they're up to date. This process like any other with computer updates is useful for everyone who wants to keep their PC running well and for everything to function normally. It even checks to see if newer drivers or BIOS are released which you can add to your PC.
This helps reduce computer issues by making them solvable on platforms such as a PC or a notebook. This product checks to see if there are newer BIOS available for your old computer. IT also recommends updates and provides access to detailed BIOS and driver report. This is a free platform that is available for all PC users and it is recommended to become a member on their website as well. Overall this is a well known product because it has received multiple awards
BIOSAgentPlus is a simple software application tool which gives proper report about BIOS and other some components of system. It automatically provides update intimation for replace or upgrade for old BIOS. It gives proper intimations and updates to customers instantly at regular period. It monitors health condition of PC also. This application broadly supports computers, tablets, laptops and other devices properly. This application supports most of the Windows Operating Systems instantly.
we can reduce issues of computer with the biosagent plus. this program is suitable for is very simple to use is very help to optimize your computer.then you can aplly the useful automatically identify your gives more detail to very easy to having more asvantage new sure blindly u can use is not to gives proper guidelines.most of the people are interestedly working it in the personal computer.we suerly belive it .many of the adsult age people also working by the use of software and proceeing manual is easy.
Bios Agent Plus provides an automatic scan on your hardware for you to quickly find drivers that are available for your hardware, making it a fast and efficient process to install the best drivers without the need to search the internet for it. There are many platforms which this software supports including Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. Not to mention that the software itself is free.
BIOSAgentPlus for Windows is a simple program, but in my opinion, it is very helpful and important for the health and wellbeing of your computer. This application helps extend the life of your computer by making sure the system BIOS and device drivers are updated properly and kept that way. Since we often tend to forget to update our computers, this program is perfect!
The biggest issue with computers is a limited lifetime. We often find it such that laptops that were supposed to last four to five years end up performing severely worse after just a year or two, and this can be a very confusing and frustrating situation. BIOSAgentPlus helps solve this issue by keeping your drivers and system BIOS up to date. These updates, if completed on time, can help preserve the life of a PC.
This software keeps your system up to date by updating the drivers when necessary. This tool is what boosts your PC to work optimally for a better experience. It enhances the performance of the PC with the regular updating of the Bios which is the key to the smooth operation of your PC. Download it to see the difference.
BIOSAgentPlus is updated software that can be very helpful to Windows users. The software automatically checks for necessary driver updates and lets you know when it needs to be updated to continue working as expected. Outdated BIOS can cause performance and security issues. This software provides you a report that shows all your current software and hardware specifications. This software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.
This app works on both old and new drivers. It gives your computer great speed and makes it more reliable. You can check BIOS updates with ease and will recommend the perfect updates when they are ready for your device. This also offers video updates as well. This app works with any operating software and eliminates any risk you might encounter while using another app.
My computer runs so smoothly now. I have been using BIOSAgentPlus for Windows to keep me up to date on BIOS. This software alerts me of new updates. It gives me detailed reports so I know exactly what drivers need to be updated. It does the work so I don't have to. My computer has much better performance now that I am up to date on the drivers. The report includes information on memory data and device drivers among other things. BIOSAgentPlus is an amazing service to optimizing my system.
This software takes the hassle out of keeping your computer up to date and running smooth. It removes the pain of keeping track of firmware updates and implementing them. Overall it seems to be a long-standing and trustworthy piece of software and has been a life-saver for many PC users over the years.
This is a very clever app for windows to see if there is a lot of stuff and bios available to download. This is accessible through places like Major Geeks and there is a bioagent plus that is also available. Lots of Bios are usually used to play a lot of computer games on any sort of system so this is super convenient
Most people like me really don't pay attention to BIOS updates and drivers like we should. This can cause malfunctions when devices are updated, etc. So I was glad I found BIOSAgentPlus. It's a program that not only will let you flash the bios quickly and easily, but give you a full report of your current BIOS and driver configuration. It can even tell you when a driver is out of date and how to update it. It's really a must for those who want to be sure their computer is properly updated.
I love using BIOSAgentPlus for Windows because it's a program that allows me to gather data that I need about my BIOS system in order to keep it running in top shape. Ultimately, it helps me extend my computer's lifespan since I'm able to diagnose critical issues and bugs early on, detect external problems and automatically address them on the spot.
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