Block WhatsApp

by SecurityXploded

A free tool that instantly blocks or unblocks WhatsApp on your Windows computer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SecurityXploded

Release : Block WhatsApp 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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'Block WhatsApp' is a free tool that quickly blocks access to WhatsApp on your Windows computer, across all web browsers and the WhatsApp application itself. It provides an effective solution for regulating WhatsApp usage, whether for business or personal purposes.

It operates entirely in stealth mode, without installing any plugins or running any programs in the background. This ensures a discreet and smooth operation of this tool without affecting your computer's performance. Hence, it is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their employees' productivity or parents wanting to limit their kids' use of WhatsApp.

  • Free tool to block or unblock WhatsApp
  • Blocks WhatsApp across all browsers, applications and the WhatsApp app itself
  • Automatically blocks access for all computer users
  • Operates in stealth mode, without running any background programs
  • Instantly blocks or unblocks without needing to log off or restart the system
  • Fully portable, requires no .NET or other dependencies

'Block WhatsApp' is particularly useful for parents wishing to limit their kids' use of WhatsApp during exam periods. It's also handy for universities, colleges, or small businesses where the administrator can block access to WhatsApp during working hours.

"Block WhatsApp" enhances productivity by regulating unrestricted access to WhatsApp on any Windows computer.

This software has been successfully tested on all platforms, from Windows XP to the latest version of Windows 10. For more advanced features, our new enterprise software, 'Website Blocker Pro', is available for download.

Windows XP or newer operating system required
No .NET or other dependencies needed
Supports all web browsers
No additional plugins necessary

Operates completely in stealth mode for discreet blocking.
Effective in all browsers and the WhatsApp application.
No need to log off or restart for blocking/unblocking.

Can accidentally block important WhatsApp communications.
No option for scheduled blocking/unblocking.
May disrupt user's personal life or work flow.
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