Block WhatsApp
A free tool that instantly blocks or unblocks WhatsApp on your Windows computer.
Free Porn Blocker
A reliable, intuitive program that blocks pornography sites to protect children
Licence Protector
Licence Protector is a powerful licensing solution that helps businesses protect their digital products and services.
Content Management System (CMS) software is a web-based application used to create, manage, and publish digital content on the internet.
Kiosk Software
Kiosk Software is a type of software designed to securely manage a kiosk or self-service terminal, allowing users to access information or purchase products in a limited, controlled environment.
TinyWall is a free, lightweight firewall designed to harden and secure your computer from malicious network traffic.
simplewall (Wfp Tool)
Simplewall is an easy-to-use yet powerful network firewall and content filtering solution for Windows.
Open source cross-platform network activity monitor.
An application that allows you to log onto your computer using a portable disk
Magic Boss Key
It enables to hide all the active windows in just one click option
Kids PC Time Administrator
A parental control application that gives you the best reward- peace of mind!
an B+ grade firewall software from most of the threat in the network.
A Windows feature that helps you focus
Folder Protection
A software that offers protection against unauthorized access to a locked folder or file
Gili File Lock
Gili File Lock is a file protection application for Windows
Wefisy: Web Filtering System
Tool to give you control over your child's media habits
System Protect
A tool software to prevent data crash or lost in Windows system
Find your Windows key if you lose it
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