Bookviser Reader

by Bookviser

An Ebook reader with access to thousands of free ebooks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bookviser

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bookviser Reader is a new, free ebook reading app that allows customers to view thousands of ebooks for free in different formats.


  • Simple to use
  • available in over 150 countries
  • multiple formats
  • Best thing, no ads!

If you are looking for an ebook reader that is simple to use on your Windows software whether it is a tablet or phone, Bookviser Reader is the way go.  The Bookviser Reader app allows users from over a hundred countries the opportunity to view, read, or listen to thousands of free ebooks while also allowing you to import ebooks from your browser, SD card, or file system.

Usable in over 150 different countries

Bookviser also allows you to customize the app to your liking, increasing or decreasing the font size, adjusting the color schemes or grouping your ebooks to your personal liking.  For those who do not feel like reading, enjoy the text-to-speech option that Bookviser provides.  That is beneficial to those on the go whether you may be driving on your way to work or going out for an afternoon walk.

The best thing about Bookviser Reader is that the app contains no ads.  That is right, no crazy ads that you have to read or listen to each time you view or listen to a certain amount of ebooks.  Most times, you have to pay for an app that provides all these special features but you and every else with Windows can have this app for free.

So if you are Windows user looking for an ebook reader with access to thousands of ebooks for free, available in over a hundred countries while providing you with multiple benefits and options such as translating or text-to-speech options while also not having to deal with any crazy ads, Bookviser Reader is the way to go.  The best thing about this wonderful app, it is free and simple to use.

Need a good alternative to the numerous Ebook apps that are available? Try out Bookviser Reader, a program that’s available for Windows and Android devices. This means you can take your favorite books on-the-go and read comfortably wherever you are. Bookviser Reader has plenty of free, open-domain classics that will get you jump-started on your way to reading, as well as purchasable books from their large catalog of choices. With the ability to change the font size, as well as super quick loading and simple navigation, as well as OPDS support, Bookviser gives the reader a wealth of options in allowing users to do things their way.
This is the best software ever. I am a huge bookwork and this makes it not only easy to read my books I already have saved but it gives me the opportunity to download thousands of other books. I'd love to type more but I have so many new and exciting books to get to!
If you enjoy reading books, then can use Bookwiser reader software. This software has an ebook reader as well as an ebook downloader. When we use this software we feel like we're reading a real book. The pages are shown in the software mimic the real book that is the purpose looks like it's aged. When we try to turn the pages there's a flipping effect which is a good visual experience. The features of this software is more supported for touch screen devices. Currently this software is supported by Windows 8 and 10 versions.
Bookviser is an E reader with lots of customizable features. You can store your collection, mark your spot and control most everything about it. Additionally, it has links to all the classics no longer under copywrite. It currently has more than 4.5 million users and seems to be loved by all.
Bookviser reader is a customized eBook app for free for windows and it's very easy to access many eBook for book lovers. It's a simple and clean interface and feels like we turning animated pages from paper books. All over the country most of the people like this software and it has 4 million user. The most important thing in this app is a ad-free eBooks which is the main point why it has 4 million users. Every book is set in color th6mes for day and night .
Hello all!!!!! Are u searching for a good reader for your e-books, here it is. Bookviser reader is now the trending software for e-book reading. What's the beauty in this software means, it supporting all the formats even e-pub also. Then the user interface which is included was so awesome. We can read it and along with we can easily bookmark the words. Then the additional one is the library management is awesome. Then the addition features was tect to speech output, transparent title support, footnotes support also they added. Overall this is mostly suitable for students and also mainly for novel readers.
A customizable ebook reader is now available from Bookvissr. Whether you prefer a quick and easy setup, or you want to customize the reader to your exact view and browsing preferences, Bookviser Reader for Windows 10 will provide you with the ebook, ereading experience you have been looking for.
Bookviser is very helpful for readers they love this software and are available in the windows app and are very simple to use.
Bookviser Reader helps to read all kind of formats like HTML,PDF,JPG,etc.It also helps to mark,edit,save as favourite,etc.It is highly customizable software. my friend suggest me to use this software which is user friendly.Its DRM free.anyone can use this will spend more time reading books than looking out.It has realistic page turning animation.It is simple and clean.
Bookviser Reader for Windows is best reading app tool for windows. The main thing is it is most powerful and rich ebook in the market .It mostly support all type of formats.
Bookviser Reader is free gives accessing us thousands of e-books, its very great. I think its very user friendly because the books arranged by authors that's great because its helps us to get the books easily without time losing .It's just I like a online library it is a better option for the book reading lovers. only thing kindly add the worldwide multi languages.
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