by Telestream, LLC

An at-home software for live casting from your home studio

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Telestream, LLC

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Last revision: Last week

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Wirecast (for Windows) is a versatile and robust live streaming software program that works with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Using Wirecast is one of the most simple ways to help create and establish your home studio live streaming videos and brand.


  • Host up to 2 remote guests with the Wirecast Studio package and up to 7 with the Wirecast Pro package
  • Multiple camera/input support
  • Contains up to 23 unique and captivating transitions
  • Live viewer counts for Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Hitbox
  • Virtual camera and microphone output
  • Multiviewer output (1-4 slots for Wirecast Studio and 1-17 slots for Wirecast Pro)
  • 24/7 ambient streaming for Facebook Live
  • Record MP4 or MOV to disk

Wirecast, by Telestream, supports multiple camera inputs - including USB, SDI, and HDMI - allowing the live video streaming production tool to empower content creators to provide studio-quality broadcasts for their viewers. It allows users to streamline their video creation process through one product that interfaces with all major live streaming sites.

It connects to all major, popular live streaming sites, including Facebook, Youtube, and Switch.

Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro have unlimited inputs and destinations, making it one of the most versatile products on the market. By connecting to Wirecast Rendezvous, users can easily host multiple guests on their streaming show or video allowing for user participation and guest spots. Usage of chromakey and text and titles allow for optimum editing of videos to add professional elegance to content.

For those uncertain about the benefits of Wirecast, Wirecast offers a 30-day free trial with all of the same features as Wirecast Studio. The ability to display social media comments and live viewer counts allows the user to stay constantly connected with their viewers on a macro level. At the same time, making monitor output data and statistics and ASIO support available to the user allows you to observe your progress and check your sound and video quality.

Wire cast is a program that is mostly used for studio and personal audio. The Wire Cast is used with all levels of Windows software and streaming services. Wire Cast is capadable with all social media platforms such as Facebook and youtube. Wirecast is on the cutting edge of technology.
This software is a great option for people looking for an alternative to a streaming service. It has been really helpful as I stream a lot of videos and some of the other software I've used in the past are complicated to use. I like it because of it simple but at the same time complete and has all the features one would need. 100% recommended, worth giving it a try Wirecast for Windows is definitely a top choice.
Samuel Sanford
Wirecast for Windows is a live video streaming software. It is a bit expensive at $599 for the basic level and $799 for pro, but great for streaming and video production. Very high quality, so you get what you pay for. Would recommend for those who are very serious about streaming or video production.
Wirecast is a streaming tool that offers you a comprehensive package of features to create stunning live videos. It offers an enormous number of inputs and destinations; in fact, the inputs and destinations are unlimited. Also, it allows for two guests to video conference in at the same time through Wirecast Rendezvous. Finally, it offers a large library full of stock media so you can stream and record live media that looks professional.
This is a tool for broadcasting live events online.I would compare it to youtube but for this you choose your viewers.It is great for marketing.You can engage with your customers.So you got what you are looking for.Go ahead and download it.
Now you can stream like a professional with Wirecast for Windows. No matter where you are or where you want to stream to, this product can accommodate you. This works great for large or small productions and the production quality is professional and simple. Whether you're streaming to a modest audience or a huge venue, you'll get quality production with a straightforward process.
Wirecast is the software program which Avails to stream online videos and media related files. there are huge numbers of online videos that can be supported in this program. it enables entertainment and fun for the people who like to stream online videos. it is Multichannel supported, it enables the functions of streaming News, sports, movies, and so on. all kinds of format videos supported. there is a trial version available on the internet for the user's test.
Wirecast is my go-to tool when I want to make a professional-looking webcast that can rival any webcast that comes from a TV mixing studio. This is a tool that lets you make your own live video streams. The best part about it is that I can connect my camera to Wirecast as it's compatible with third-party devices. Overall I've found it really easy and intuitive to use.
Wirecast is a powerful tool for windows. It has robust features in its own way. The functionality for high-end streaming productions is great. It is affordable to buy and the production rate is also acceptable. Wirecast is easier to use other than any websites. It is very simple to learn and to use. But sometimes it takes a lot of work and time to figure out What I needed a program to be a virtual mixer. The animated transition, ease of dragging and dropping assets during production is the best feature.
This software will help the amateur or non-professional webcaster produce professional streaming videos for live events. If you have a live event like a high school athletic game, the software gives you features like instant replay, scoreboard, and clocks to make it feel like a professional broadcast. You could live stream weddings or other personal events with this software. It is also good for things like amateur theater broadcasts, political speeches etc. You can also easily integrate it into marketing or CRM portfolios.
If you've ever wanted to tell your story and share it from the big stage, then Wirecast is the tool for you. Whether you're hoping to increase your audience or build out the community that you're cultivating, you can use Wirecast to stream to the world directly. The best part is that streams have a professional feel to them, even for a novice user.
Wirecast for Windows is a professional grade live streaming software. The company offers free trial, lifetime license, and subscription service of various plans. It may worth it starting with a free trial.
Wirecast for Windows is a great tool for many reasons, but mostly because it allows you to create Professional streaming to multiple platforms at the same time. This enables you to reach multiple people on their favorite platforms so in addition to being easy to use for you, it also becomes more accessible for your audience. You can also replay your live streams as a podcast, reaching even a greater number of followers.
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