CwGet morse decoder

by DXsoft

Decode any morse code recorded to your device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DXsoft

Release: CwGet morse decoder 2.26

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9836

CwGet morse decoder is a simple, clean and intuitive sound decoder to translate any audio file into the respective and accurate morse code it contains. This software also can be utilized as a narrow-band sound DSP-filter which can be used to isolate certain frequencies from a wider bandwidth signal. This software is as simple as download and use, as no other hardware or requirements are needed. Simply select your audio file containing your morse code within CwGet, and watch as it converts that to visual and accurate morse code on your computer.

View different frequencies of the sound spectrum when viewing and decoding your morse code, and see exactly what the software is doing, and how it remains so accurate

Compatible with most usable versions of Windows allows for greater flexibility and higher usage of the software. With support and longevity from the team, rest assured you'll have the latest and most updated version of the software working on your system.

The software and simple and easy to use, with a clean intuitive interface.


  • Translates audio Morse code to write, and viewable morse code. You are then able to copy and use that written code anywhere else.
  • Narrow-band sound DSP-filter for isolating frequencies from a wider bandwidth signal
  • Simple, and easy to use the software. Know what you're doing, and how you're doing it.
  • Very fast and accurate

With CwGet, you'll enjoy the speed and accuracy of you're morse code being decoded and translated into readable text on your computer. You won't get lost, or confused trying to learn how to use the software, and you'll have a result in minutes. While CwGet is primarily used to decode morse, it has many other features it is useful for and provides the user with endless possibilities in the future. Great for people learning morse code, or just those looking to decode a message they don't know the meaning too! Never feel the need to have to learn morse code ever again.

Paul Hargis (unverified)
If you work in encryption this is going to be a product that you find to be great help. I work in decoding and this has fit all my needs particularly to meet my requests from higher-ups. This was amazing really and ultimately a product that stands out as unique and fitting a niche.
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