by Greatis Software

Speed up the boot up time of a computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Greatis Software

Release: BootRacer 7.70

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4945

BootRacer for Windows is primarily intended for users that want to have faster boot times, essentially to have access to their computer as fast as possible. One of the benefits of having a newer and more modern computer is fast boot times, more so if using better memory and or storage drives. However, given time, some personal computers experience slower boot times, some in part due to the installation of third-party software and apps. BootRacer checks the boot times of the computer and sees how long it usually takes when powered on to get to the desktop screen. BootRacer then has many tools to speed up boot times when applicable and to make a computer running as good as new.


BootRacer checks your computer's boot time, and displays if it has slowed down or worsen due to other software.

  • Checks and monitors for the boot time of a computer, specifically for newer Windows OS.
  • Gives a notification when boot times have slowed down notably.
  • Displays the time taken by each start-up program, displaying which programs slow down the boot time of the computer and by how much.
  • Easily disables start-up programs to improve boot times.

BootRacer is a useful program for users that experience longer boot times, and want to ensure that their personal computer runs effectively. The time it takes for a modern personal computer could vary, more so depending on the presence of a single state drive or an older mechanical hard drive. Ten seconds is considered an average standard for fast boot times, and boot times can take up to 2 minutes based on various external factors that slow down boot times. BootRacer helps users achieve those fast boot times, and ensure that no programs that are installed slow down the computer. BootRacer uses minimal computer resources to check boot times, and the interface is easy to use and read. The program can be installed on Windows XP and newer and does not take more than 20mb to install. Giving the users the option to disable start-up programs, any user can easily speed up their computer that BootRacer detects has had a notable slowdown.


BootRacer 2.3 (0.98 MB)
BootRacer 4.0 (2.45 MB)
BootRacer 4.5 (3.47 MB)
BootRacer 4.9 (4.51 MB)
BootRacer 6.0 (6.79 MB)
BootRacer (15.23 MB)
Danny Shapeoro (unverified)
This software is interesting and probably can be quite useful for older machines. I question how much people will need it as better RAM and Solid State Hard Drives become more common and increase computer speeds. I would think the target market for this product is older people who are still running Windows XP or who do not know how to use their computer efficiently. I would be interested in finding out how much faster it can actually make a computer run and if it can make such a difference that someone would not need to buy a new computer.
Rory (unverified)
My opinion of this software is that it might not be super necessary for anyone. It seems like it will just run the msconfig.exe program and display the same results you get from that. With that being said, its like downloading a new program to open a program that is already on windows. Perhaps some end users may find it helpful, but from an experienced Windows User - I will pass.
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