AMD Overdrive

by Advanced Micro Devices

Automatically modifies your computer's hard drive

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices

Release: AMD Overdrive 4.3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AMD Overdrive for Windows is a free, innovative computer system that can automatically monitor and modify your computer's hard drive for the optimization of your computer. There are several components that search for necessary and helpful modifications on your computer, including tuning, temperature, utility, and processing capabilities. 

  • AMD Overdrive features an innovative automated system that allows it to monitor and modify your hard drive automatically in a simple and easy process
  • AMD Overdrive includes computer tuning and utility monitoring to keep your computer stable and in an optimized condition
  • AMD Overdrive also monitors the temperature of the CPU unit, alerting you in the case of temperature drops or spikes
  • AMD Overdrive helps monitor the processing unit of your computer and is a free and simple download to Windows computers

AMD Overdrive will drastically change the efficiency and optimization of your computer. Its ability to monitor and modify your hard drive if issues are detected will prolong your computer's life and allow you to rest easy.

Available for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

Jenna Doherty
This sounds like an incredibly useful software. Most people don’t have the technical knowledge to optimize their computers hard drive continually over the life of it, particularly with any complexity. I’ve also never heard of a software program that can detect the computer’s external temperature - a highly useful feature. Very innovative and useful and sound user friendly.
AMD overdrive is effective for analyzing and editing parts of your computers CPU. It helps me when I need to find certain aspects of my gaming card and recognize what games i can and can't play efficiently. The software works very well, lag free and easy to use
Mason Pelayo
AMD windows is very good in solving the more difficult and challenging jobs for human
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