by Take-Two Interactive Software

A game for Windows that features a bug as the main character of the game

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Take-Two Interactive Software

Release: Bugdom

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bugdom is a very creative and fun game to play overall. The main character is a bug is out to protect the kingdom known has "Bugdom" where an army of Fire-Ants have come took over the kingdom, overthrowing the government and kidnapping different types of insects. The main bug you play as is named "Rollie McFly" who is a one-man army jumping into action by himself to save the kingdom and rescue everyone. The game is a full-on adventure 3D game that was created back around 1999. The antagonist of the game is the evil King Thorax who was the leader of the fire ants clan.

Throughout the game, you will be tasked with going through and navigating around 10 different stages as Rollie McFly who has some sweet abilities in that being able to kick, roll and jump. Nuts are also located throughout the game which is used as boosters to either power up your character, different keys, clovers or bugs that'll assist you as well as enemies. The keys in the game that you receive from nuts can be used to open gates that only open when you have collected the correct key to open said gate. After achieving everything the last step will be to fight King Throax the final boss that's in the game who can release powerful sparks from the staff. After defeating King Throax peace and order is restored back into Bugdom and the game will end.

All in all, it's a very fun and interactive game that offers a few hours of good play and young gamers would be able to have a fun time with it due to the over the top characters and the storyline plot that is presented for you and the hero of the game Rollie McFly. I would recommend that most people give a chance as it's very polished and plays well even in today's standard.

It's very fluid and doesn't lag throughout playtime.
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