Mame Plus

by MAME Team

An arcade machine emulator used to play classic 90's retro video games

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAME Team

Release: Mame Plus 0.192b

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Man, where do I start with MAME, lately it has been super easy for me to use other arcade machine emulators instead of MAME but I decided to take a leap of faith with this installment and it has been paying off for me so far. Right out of the gate with my controller set up I knew that things were going in the right direction. The first game I loaded up was my favorite and a classic "The Simpsons", I got my wife to join up and we didn't put down the controller for hours almost beating the game in one run. With other Arcade simulators, I notice right away the lag, and even though this product is not 100% perfect it is 99.9% perfect for me and I am an extremely picky and serious lag hater. Thanks to this version I was able to not even notice till the extremely demanding sections of the game, and even then it didn't really affect my performance or decision making in the game. After that session, I knew I was going to enjoy most of my other ROM games that I had installed and was extremely excited to play more. 


  • Makes intalling ROM's of classic video game arcades a breeze
  • Doesn't require CHD's
  • Quick and easy controller set up for your arcade stick needs
  • Flawless lag free graphics and gameplay for most if not all arcade video games. 

In conclusion, it has been a no brainer for me on who to use in this field for playing my arcade machine games. You should know that I am extremely picky when it comes to gameplay and this version of the emulator has not disappointed me yet. Now I want to finish this review so I can get back and waste away many hours on some of my favorite games from the '90s 

Quick and easy to use, able to set up in a few minutes, quick controller set up, and flawless lag free graphics.
Mame Plus 0.14 (22.37 MB)
Mame Plus 0.150 (41.29 MB)
Mame Plus 0.154 (43.63 MB)
Mame Plus 0.155 (43.93 MB)
Mame Plus 0.192b (41.29 MB)
The reviewer/writer of the page seems to praise the product a little too much. It feels very scripted and would make me question the validity of the author of the post. It would make me very hesitant to download the software, no matter how much I enjoyed arcade games.
Mame is an easy to use arcade emulator for windows. It can load lots of games and controller set up is super easy. Unlike other arcade emulators, Mame is lag free and easy to use. This makes Mame an enjoyable experience to use.
Josh Swope
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