by Paperio-PC

An addictive family game where players master strategy to conquer the largest territory.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Paperio-PC

Release : 3.2

Antivirus check: passed

Report a Problem is an engaging game application that can be enjoyed by the whole family, without the need for an internet connection. The ultimate goal is to conquer as much territory as possible. At first glance, this may seem simple, but mastering the game fully can be quite challenging. You need to be tactical and strategic to outdo opponents while remaining on guard to protect your tail, which is your weak point. If an opponent touches your tail, you lose. Furthermore, even if you have a vast territory, nothing is guaranteed until you own the entire territory. Therefore, it's crucial to constantly monitor your territory. provides a fun, competitive gaming experience that enhances strategic thinking and reflexes.
  • Game Strategy: Develop and employ strategies to conquer the most territory within the game.
  • Territory Protection: Protect your territory and ensure that your "tail" is not touched by your opponents.
  • Intense Competition: Your opponents won't hesitate to steal your territories. That's why it's essential to be vigilant at all times.
  • A Game for the Whole Family: is a game that can be enjoyed by all family members, regardless of their age. is a game that lets you explore the strategy and simplicity of io-type games while providing a unique graphic universe. It's an engaging and thrilling game that tests your strategic skills and reflexes. The game offers an entertaining and relaxed experience but can also be competitive and intense, depending on how you choose to play. In the end, provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that presents an appealing mix of strategy, competition, and fun.

Requires a compatible operating system (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)
At least 512MB of RAM for smooth gameplay
Sufficient storage space for installation and saved game data
Internet connection for online multiplayer functionality

Intense yet fun competition adds thrilling excitement.
Offers a unique strategic gaming experience.
Playable offline, perfect for on-the-go engagement.

Lacks a variety in gameplay, can become monotonous.
No multiplayer feature, limiting competitive play.
Advertisements can be disruptive and frequent.
Fun game 🎮 to conquer territory, addicting and competitive! 🌍
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