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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Call Office

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Call Office is a multifunctional office program, which is a full-fledged call-center. It has the function of automatic calling and notification of telephone subscribers, mass SMS aggregator, answering machine and other tools. The application allows you to use technologies such as VoIP/SIP-gateways, GSM-modems, SMS-services and Skype-telephony.

All Call Office tools are automated to the maximum extent possible, which allows to simplify and speed up the user's work. To make an automatic call with notification, the user of the application will need to record an information message (it can be done directly in the program), to make a list of phone numbers in the database, which should be called and start the process itself. You can also enter additional information about each phone number in the database, which the program will automatically add to the template of the information message and read it out when calling. For example, a person's full name, date, amount of money (debt, cost, discount), any contact information (address, phone, e-mail) and so on.

In addition to simple phone calls to subscribers, Call Office can offer its users other additional features:

polling (the program reads out messages in turn, waits for the subscriber's answer, records and saves the answer to the hard disk);

Calls with the processing of pressed keys (the program activates the key recognition module after the information message is said and records the received data);

Calls with switching to operator (semi-automatic mode, requiring the presence of a person at the computer and a headset connected to the PC);

calls using artificial intelligence (after reading the information message, the program activates a speech recognition robot that generates answers);

Trigger calls or calls by event (the program monitors the database and after receiving information about any changes on the site, in a mailbox or chat, automatically makes a call to the subscriber).

Call Office can also be used as an SMS aggregator to send messages to subscribers and as a multifunctional answering machine. The answering machine is not limited to receiving and recording incoming messages. The program can answer incoming calls by reading messages from the database, interact with the subscriber with the help of tones (answering machine with voice menu) and even have a meaningful dialogue with the help of a speech recognition robot.

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