by CrystalIdea Software

Give your internet browser a boost with a private, efficient edge

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CrystalIdea Software

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SpeedyFox is a utility that can speed up the work of such programs as Firefox, Skype, Chrome and Thunderbird several times. The principle of SpeedyFox is as follows (using Firefox as an example): Firefox uses SQLITE databases, where it stores a lot of settings and in time these databases "swell" so that they begin to slow down the browser. All SpeedyFox does is reduce the size of SQLITE databases, optimizing them without losing the data they contain. As a result, databases load faster, Firefox loads faster (SpeedyFox developers promise to increase the download speed up to three times), and work with cookies and browser history becomes faster.

The interface is intuitive - when you launch SpeedyFox, it automatically detects default user profiles in Firefox, Skype, Chrome and Thunderbird - all you have to do is select the required profiles and optimize the databases associated with them. Depending on the size of the databases, the optimization process can take from a few minutes to an hour. Such optimization is enough once in 1-2 weeks.

- Accelerate the download and operation of Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Cyberfox and Thunderbird;

- Optimization of SQLITE databases.

If you feel like your internet runs slow, SpeedyFox can change that. My Chrome used to run so slowly, but the issue wasn't my wifi. SpeedyFox helps Chrome and other software run faster, and it doesn't even take up that much space on my laptop!
SpeedyFox for Windows is a product that will be well received by consumers and businesses alike, especially those who rely on the internet. This program helps speed up Firefox, Chrome and Skype which are all programs that people use a lot during the course of a normal day. This program will be popular.
SpeedyFox by SoftRadar.com is a utility that can supposedly speed up app using the internet, such as Firefox, Skype, Chrome and Thunderbird several. The app promises speeds up to 3 time fast, but, as a former network administrator I can tell you all it is doing is most likely dumping the application's cache files, which is easy enough to do without downloading this app.
SpeedyFox is a unique program that speeds up the work of browser programs on the computer, including Firefox, Skype, and Chrome by several times. It does this by reducing the size of SQLITE databases, for instance, thus speeding up the loading speed and download speed of these browsers.
This is a very useful and free tool. It really speeds up the launch of any aging Firefox installation. SpeedyFox is a good optimization and repair software program. SpeedyFox optimizes and effectively clears up the clutter that makes Firefox slow down after long usage. This tool does not require an installation at all. One can just download and run the .exe fie. You can of course choose the profile to optimize. A great tool indeed! and recommended.
SpeedyFox is a software that is designed to speed up Firefox for Windows and Mac. Due to data fragmentation, browsing speed can be slowed down. With this software, speed can be increased by up to three times the speed than before. The software is relatively easy to use and functional. The software has many positive reviews online from those who have used it and is said to also be quite effective in its function!
You are not enjoying internet surfing? The wait is over. With SpeedyFox, you can improve the quality and speed of your browsing to an amazing speedy level. SpeedyFox makes your Firefox browser to work more efficiently and with a lot of speed. The downside is that, like the name implies, SpeedyFox is only for Firefox browser. So, get your Firefox installed and fire on.
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