by VanDerLee

An open-source pattern designer and image editor for the artist community

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VanDerLee

Release : Camouflage 1.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

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If you think something is missing in your art design, Camouflage can help you redefine it by offering a mix of hundreds of patterns. You can choose from any one of them and layer the texture with your design for an artistic feel.

This plugin software works with a lot of platforms like Adobe PhotoShop, JASC Paint Shop Pro, Corel PhotoPaint, ULead PhotoImpact, and MicroGrafx Picture Publisher. You can use this software without paying any fees or worrying about getting its license. With a simple installation process, you can play around its interactive interface and get your own design within minutes.


  • Actual pattern designs available like the NATO, animal textures, and WW2 army vehicle design that includes the American, German, Russian, and Italian patterns.
  • It supports the 8-bit RGB mode, so you do not have to worry about getting stuck with a limited color scale.
  • It scales up perfectly with the image without much effort on your end.
  • You can completely customize the look and feel of any texture that you pick and generate your own personalized sketch.
  • You can integrate your generated design with 3D graphics, website backgrounds, 3D applications, and more without any hassle.

Camouflage allows you to play around with the different textures by manipulating the respective pattern’s color and effect. There are about eight different layers that can add to the texture’s appearance, each with a different color. You can even scale the intensity or blur a section to smoothen out the feel and look of the pattern. It is all up to your creative mind to generate your own attractive design.

But if you do not want to feel too much pressure about creating a unique draft, Camouflage has you covered. With a useful characteristic called the random feature, you can skim through 10,000 different patterns for your portrait. It comes in extremely handy when you don’t feel like thinking too much.

Camouflage is a freeware plugin for all the creative designers. It allows you to add layers of textures and patterns to your unique design and help it stand out from the crowd.
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, JASC Paint Shop Pro, Corel PhotoPaint.
Minimum 1 GB of RAM for smooth operation.
At least 50 MB of free disk space for installation.
Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Great for creating customized camouflage and animal textures.
Compatible with a wide range of photo editing applications.
Offers flexibility and generates seamless textures for various uses.

Limited to creating only camouflage textures.
Not user-friendly for beginners.
No customer support available.