PDF Organizer

by Daniel Cleveland

PDF organizing software with many ways of categorizing the imported files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Daniel Cleveland

Release : PDF Organizer 2

Antivirus check: passed

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PDF Organizer could be advised to anyone operating a high (or small, doesn't matter that much) amount of text files, providing tools for bringing the files into subcategories, as well as fast editing options. The categorization isn't the only thing it offers, of course, as it also has things like automatic thumbnail selection, a page access menu with basic information on each one (number of pages, words, size, etc), and an ability to directly open the selected PDFs out of the box. 

You can, obviously, add and delete any needed (or unneeded) page, extract certain pages from projects, split and merge different documents to best visualize and actually create the envisioned text. You can even try to turn the PDF upside down by using the rotation feature, or in any direction on that subject. Management of the text files can be done easily and quickly, without taking any time than it needs to, and can be integrated easily into almost any Internet/computer-oriented workspace. Now there are some other handy stuff present, such as 


  • Basic annotations for whole PDF files and pages
  • Handy for management for widespread PDF form sheets, and their personal filling
  • Simple one-window interface with everything needed for work combined in one place
  • Preordering the pages in any order you like
  • Various importing and extracting options 
  • Creation of new PDF documents composed of pages you already imported into the software 
  • The abovementioned merging features and ways of rotating the pages and images

Well, though the things that were mentioned are actually present in the software in reality these aren't even so many. Practically the use of the solution is limited to a few basic features coming built into it, seriously limiting the overall utility usage of the end product. It would be right to call this a light program if anything, consisting of base-level features that do provide some level of functionality, but probably fit only those who are rather average on PDF use or work in a workflow that doesn't require some extraordinary level of technical knowledge and text file operation.

PDF Organizer is, well, an organizer for anything text/PDF related, brought to ease the rearranging process, switching back-in-fourth between the pages, and more
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux
RAM: Minimum 1GB, Recommended 2GB
Free disk space: At least 100MB
Processor: 1GHz or faster

Saves time with efficient file organization and search functions.
Allows file previews without fully opening documents.
User-friendly interface, suitable for non-tech savvy individuals.

Limited functionality with encrypted PDF files.
No in-built PDF editor or annotation tools.
Does not support cloud storage integration.
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