Celemony Melodyne Studio

by Celemony

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Celemony

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42019

Celemony Melodyne Studio is a professional tool that allows you to work with monaural and polyphonic audio. The program analyzes the added songs and composes a sample tape, arranging them in height according to the notes. Once you've built the tape, you can drag and drop samples against a note and change the vocals' sound. The correct placement of the samples makes the sound much more enjoyable. In addition to the individual notes, Celemony Melodyne Studio makes it possible to move entire sections of a song. Moving the area upwards will produce a higher sound and downwards will produce a lower sound. In addition, the program provides tools for editing the format composition of samples and changing their duration. All available tools are located on a single panel.

The main advantage of this editor over the others is the ability to work not only with single-vote songs, but also with multi-vote songs. And the algorithms of voice detection algorithms embedded in Celemony Melodyne Studio work very precisely. The program can work with up to twenty-four tracks at a time and includes a convenient batch processing tool.

Celemony Melodyne Studio requires an ASIO-compatible sound card and the appropriate software for correct operation. We recommend using the ASIO4ALL driver.

- allows you to work with monaural and polyphonic audio;

- Automatically forms a sample tape according to the height of the notes;

- includes powerful voice recognition algorithms;

- allows you to change the formatting and duration of samples;

- supports up to 24 songs at a time.

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