by PlusMo

Plusmo is a free "offline" Web browser and RSS reader for your phone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PlusMo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Many users, who literally live in social networks, tend to raise their accounts in any way to become more popular and successful compared to other users. One such way to ensure success in the megapopular social network VKontakte, is to increase the number of "hearts" for user photos, posts or avatars, which means that other residents of VK like what you put out. For this purpose, a very useful utility called Plusmo was invented.

This utility is absolutely simple to use, works almost automatically and will add a lot of "hearts" to your photos or notes, and, thus, from completely unknown people. However, the program (also automaton) will put the same number of hearts to other users on your behalf. Everything has to be fair! Another useful feature of this application is to search and automatically add new subscribers and friends to your account. Agree, to have a big circle of communication and like everyone - this is exactly what you need for a successful and vibrant life on the social network!

Today Plusmo is an unrealistically popular and constantly developing software product. Developers are constantly adding new and new "chips" to the functionality of the application, for example, the ability to get 15 additional free "hearts" each. To do this, you just need to keep the program running in the background for 24 hours. There is also an opportunity to participate in tempting contests and receive interesting gifts!

- Easy to use and completely Russian interface;

- the program is completely free;

- automatic winding-up of the desired number of "hearts";

- auto-search for subscribers and friends;

- promotions, contests and gifts for users.

Plusmo is a offline web browser. it is very easy to use. it is free application to download. it have more versions and last version is updating in last week only. it is a Russian interface. it have an auto search for friends and subscribers. this application using by the phone and windows software. this application developed and published by Plusmo.
I wanted something for my phone that can help me increase my following on social media. I want to have a big influence online. It's an offline browser and rss reader for my phone. And it's free. Just so fantastic. It has a russian interface too so I can understand it. It's the exact thing I am looking for.
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