Cinch Audio Recorder

by Cinch Solutions

Audio recorder to record, save, and edit online music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cinch Solutions

Release: Cinch Audio Recorder 4.0.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cinch Audio Recorder allows the user to record streamed online music just by clicking a button. The music is recorded at a high quality (320kbp/s) and saved as an MP3 file. The software also is able to identify the song, artist, an album with ID tagging at nearly 100% accuracy. The user can also edit the MP3 file, use it as a ringtone, and remove advertisements, if necessary. Even if the music stream only comes in at a bit rate of 128 kbp/s, Cinch Audio Recorder will allow the user the ability save the file at the higher bitrate of 320 kbp/s. Should the user prefer to save the file as a WAV, that is also allowable within the software. The simple user interface makes the software accessible to all audiences. One big button to record, and the same button to stop, with ID3 Tagging working seamlessly in the background. In the extremely rare situation where the ID3 Tagging is unsuccessful, the user has the option of manually adding their own information for the recorded file. Not confident the product is for you or concerned the price is too high for audio recording software? Fear not, as the software has a Freemium option that allows you to try it on up to five songs for free. Super convenient, super effective. Give Cinch Audio Recorder a try on your computer today!


  • Record Online Streaming/Radio songs to MP3 files
  • Automatic ID tagging for Title, Artist, and Album
  • Advertisement removal
  • No need for a virtual sound card

In conclusion, Cinch Audio Recorder is a simple, easy to use software that makes saving online radio, well, a cinch! Do not let its simplicity fool you though--it is extremely powerful, well worth the small price tag that comes along with it.

There is no need to install a virtual sound card.
Jack Arsonne
Ripping music from online streaming services has always been a pain because different platforms require difference solutions. Clinch provides a simple one stop solution to this hassle with opting to record instead of rip. The quality loss is minimal and compression uses the standard mp3 format.
I was a bit skeptical when I decided to try the Cinch audio recorder (for Windows systems) but I am happy to report that it completely satisfied my needs! Some of the great features it has for users are: - Ability to save recorded music as a lossless WAV - Can edit and save music files to create ringtones - Easy to use with a single click operation - It is supported on high-resolution screens - Removes ads between songs It's great for everybody (even beginners) and I really feel that you should highly consider using it!
Cinch Audio Recorder is wonderful for being a powerful program for recording audio and providing superb output quality. It can be used as a primary music recording software and serves many functions in these lines and outside these lines. It records music in its functionality and also allows for streaming tags. This program is dual-verse and perfect for your recording needs.
Evan Jeffery
Clinch Audio Recorder allows one to record audio on computer, save recorded music, one-slick operation simple enough for everyone, it is good and it comes with a price for such good software. Recording audio from applications and in-windows software has never been easier. Worth the download.
Samuel Swanger
Cinch Audio Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use audio recording software that enables users to record audio from any source, including system audio, sound cards, and microphones. It provides high-quality recording, advanced sound processing tools, and a wide range of output formats for easy sharing and archiving. It also features a handy timer tool for setting up recordings to start automatically at specific times. With its intuitive interface, Cinch Audio Recorder makes it easy to capture and save any audio.
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