COM Port Toolkit

by Michael Golikov

Integral serial communications for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Michael Golikov

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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COM Port Toolkit is a utility for system programmers engaged in development and debugging of drivers for devices working through serial COM-ports, as well as analysis of their work and reverse engineering. The program installs its own driver for COM-ports and fixes the data transmitted through it. In addition, the program allows you to transfer byte sequences via supported protocols to the active port and monitor the responses of the connected device, as well as record the results in the logs.

COM Port Toolkit can work both in the automatic mode, passing the specified sequences at specified intervals, and in the manual mode. In the latter case, it is possible to use scripts to automate various tasks (e.g. CRC checksum calculation, use of special transfer rules, outgoing data modification, etc.). To work with scripts, a C-like interpreter is used that supports the main constructs If, Else, For, Do and While and others like them, as well as the ability to create custom functions. Several examples of ready-made scenarios come with the program.

The utility can receive and send data in hexadecimal (HEX) and symbolic (ASCII) format. It is also possible to change communication channels and baud rates. The following protocols are supported: RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.

- Monitoring of serial port activity;

- Data transfer in two formats and journaling;

- real time work;

- the possibility of using temporary stamps;

- built-in scripting language;

- Ability to work simultaneously with several devices:

- ability to export data to a file or clipboard.

The program seems very beneficial to those who need it. The fact it can work on automatic mode will subsequently save a lot of time and money for the company that uses it. The fact that it has the capabilities to create functions is amazing. This is the type of program I am interested in using.
Kinda on the fence about Com Port Toolkit for windows. The program has a lot of features with it but doesnt work for network monitoring or sniffing. The program is a port listener as well as a few other tools that all use a USB port we encourage people to try to program for themselves and let us know.
Automatic mode is an amazing feature to help debug code. It helps find one stupid bracket that you left open. 10/10 recommend for any programmer who is dealing with COM ports.
COM Port Toolkit for Windows is a downloadable resource for the communication testing kit. This resource allows different computer systems to communicate with other computers and devices. You will be able to test those equipment logs of communications. You will be able to program tasks and use other people's programs and tasks. This resource also allows the monitor of the connected devices and computer. COM Port Toolkit for Windows is a great source for the IT community and especially for networking monitoring.
Aiden T.
The COM Port Toolkit is a software tool designed to provide users with an easy way to manage their serial port connections. It allows users to quickly configure serial ports, view and edit their serial port settings, and troubleshoot serial port related issues. It also includes a terminal window for sending and receiving data from serial ports, as well as a log window for recording serial port activity. The COM Port Toolkit is ideal for anyone who needs to manage and troubleshoot serial port connections.
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