Satellite Antenna Alignment

by AL-Software Team

A program that calculates the angles for satellite antenna installation including obstacle challenges

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AL-Software Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Satellite Antenna Alignment is a software program that allows you to install the satellite dish correctly and securely. It will calculate the rotation angles when installing the antenna itself. To do this, you will need to specify the geographic coordinates of your antenna location, as well as the height and width for offset antennas, and the program will provide you with the data for calculating the angles of all satellites at once and the angle of antenna lift.

However, there are also factors that are not taken into account in conventional calculations, such as the various obstacles in the path of the satellite signal. They can be represented in the form of buildings and trees, as well as terrain features, altitude, transponder orientation, polarization, etc.

Another condition is that the angles obtained will be based on the relatively absolute north, not on what your compass can show, because the compass thing is very unstable, especially in urban areas. Based on this, the program includes a system for calculating azimuth in the sun, which will help you do without a compass.

The program does not take into account the transition to daylight saving time, so for daylight saving time you need to add +1 hour to the results of the calculation of azimuth to the sun. The altitude is considered to be 0 meters above sea level. The program calculates everything by formulas, and all the data obtained is presented in the form of tables and simple charts. You can save them as a text file or in MS Excel and then print them out if necessary.

The feature of Satellite Antenna Alignment is that it automatically saves the data for the places you have already calculated, so next time you don't have to re-enter all the coordinates and conditions, but you can just select the right place from the table below.

Satellite program that shows you how it can install itself.It calculates the rotation angles itself. The person has to give it the geographic location of their antenna's location; as well as height and width of offset antennas. there may be some obstructions involved in the calculations such as trees and buildings, altitudes, terran conditions, polarity, etc. Also the angles will be based on the north configurations instead of what the compass says. because it the compass is unstable . there is another way that calculates it better and it is the sun which helps the system work better without a compass
Easily solve satellite dish installation problems with this smart software. Its careful calculations can locate the satellite positions perfectly, which leads to problem free dish placement and speedier enjoyment of the programming you're paying for. With this software on your side, you can more easily get off the roof and get in front of the TV.
When erecting satellite dishes, a software called Satellite Antenna Alignment may be useful. You may use it to determine the angles required to deploy satellite dishes. The tool doesn't come with a built-in help file, but you can discover a ton of helpful tips and usage instructions on the developer's webpage. You can store the provided data to your local directory after choosing the appropriate calculation components. The outcomes can also be copied to your clipboard.
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