by Macroplant LLC

Allows for the transfer of music and play lists

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Macroplant LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iExplorer is an application that allows you to transfer music, videos, playlists and other files from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer. With this program, you can save photos, SMS, voice mail, address book contacts and other data from mobile devices produced by Apple on your computer. The iExplorer lets you work with your iPhone, iPod or iPad connected to your computer just like you would with a regular flash drive. This program can transfer music collections from your smartphone to your computer, bookmark and browse files before transferring them, skip duplicate files when copying data to your computer, browse through system folders on your mobile device, and use the smart search engine to find songs, files, folders, SMS, contacts and other data on your smartphone. iExplorer supports all models of iPad, iPhone and iPod (Classic, Nano, Shuffle, Touch) and iOS versions 1.0 to 6.0. iPod models that do not use iOS are also supported by iExplorer.

- transfer of data (files, SMS, contacts, mail, etc.) from iPhone, iPod or iPad to a computer.

A very basic design which lacks creativity. It is boring and to white, not enough jumps out and grabs your attention. I feel it is a little to makeshift and something someone has given up on half way through. If you were to stick a bit of colour, make more of the tabs actually clickable to take you o the next page & give a more in depth description of the product it could work and be good site to download the product from.
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