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A simple, easy to use program to burn videos onto DVD

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: by the VSO team

Release: ConvertXtoDVD

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ConvertXtoDVD (for Windows) is a fast, easy to use a software program that not only allows you to burn videos to a DVD, it also lets you customize things such as menus, subtitles, lighting, and much more!


  • The top feature for this product is the ability to create your own vision of how you would like to navigate your project once it is burned onto the DVD via the ability to create menus and chapters. The ease of setting up the main menu, submenu, and specific time-stamped chapters is amazing.
  • Another great feature is the ability to add subtitles both as a hardcoded option, in which the text is perpetually placed onto the video at the given time inputs or as soft subtitles which can be toggled on/off as the user deems fit.
  • This program will also let you preview your creation as you go! No need to convert and burn a DVD before you complete, preview it within the program so you know what you are transferring over!
  • Finally, this product is fast and efficient. Other programs may take an extended time to save, convert, and burn your project to a DVD but this program is lightning quick!

In summary, ConvertXtoDVD is a great program for many reasons, none the least of them being its ability to create wonderful, complex menus and submenus with associated chaptering, the ability to have multiple types of subtitles, in program previewing without the need to use or waste DVDs to ensure quality, and its speed and efficiency to handle complex projects. In a world where speed and convenience tend to be the most important aspects of any given task or leisure activity, ConvertXtoDVD (for Windows) stands above the rest as the premier product to handle all of your converts to DVD needs!

The software is fast, easy to navigate, and incrediblly efficient.
Roger Smith
I was looking for a program to convert some files i had to DVD and came across this one. After a quick download i was already using it. Its super easy and fast to use. It really couldnt be more convenient.
ConvertXtoDVD (for Windows) is a dvd burning program. It allows customization for things like menus, subtitles and lighting. You can even add subtitles. One great feature is the ability to preview as you go along so you don't have to burn the dvd and then discover that there is something you want to change.
William Zimmer
CovertXtoDVD for windows is a software that is used to take select pieces of media like videos from multiple different platforms like youtube, karaoke videos and quicktime.The software claims to be easy to use and suited for beginners and professionals. The software offers editing and a menu maker for the users to make premium quality videos right from their own computer. The software works for multiple operating systems like windows and Macintosh.
ConvertXtoDVD is a great software program that will help you convert any video that you own so you can watch it on a mainstream DVD player. It converts and burns with just one click of your mouse, so you can be assured that any novice will be able to figure it out. You can even edit your videos after the conversion is finished.
It is a video converter and it is the easiest way to convert the videos. It is a automatic way. We can edit our own videos and can add the subtitles to it and then the video can be converted. It will be in a highest quality and a quick way of conversion. This software will be useful for learners and for video editors.
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