Coolsmile is a mobile app that allows users to connect with friends, family, and businesses to share their experiences and memories.

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Coolsmile is a software platform that makes it easy and efficient to manage your business and customer relationships. With its powerful and intuitive tools, Coolsmile helps you create a better customer experience and take control of your business relationships.

Coolsmile is a comprehensive solution that includes all the features and functionality you need to maximize customer satisfaction and build strong customer relationships. From customer data management to customer feedback, Coolsmile helps you manage every aspect of your customer relationships.

Coolsmile helps to keep teeth healthy and strong with its natural toothpaste and oral care products.

• Customer Data Management: Coolsmile makes it easy to manage customer data, including contact information, purchase history, and preferences.

• Automated Customer Support: Coolsmile makes it easy to automate customer support, including automated emails and chatbots.

• Customer Feedback: Coolsmile enables you to capture customer feedback, including surveys and reviews.

• Customizable Dashboard: Coolsmile provides a customizable dashboard that allows you to monitor customer activity and engagement.

• Reporting and Analytics: Coolsmile provides reporting and analytics to help you measure customer engagement and satisfaction.

• Mobile App: Coolsmile provides a mobile app for customers to access their data and manage their relationship with your business.

• CRM Integration: Coolsmile integrates with leading CRM platforms to help you manage customer data and relationships.

• Secure Cloud Storage: Coolsmile provides secure cloud storage, allowing you to store customer data securely and access it from anywhere.


Coolsmile is an intuitive and powerful software platform that makes it easy to manage your customer relationships. With its comprehensive set of features, Coolsmile helps you create a better customer experience and take control of your business relationships.
1. A secure and robust server-side architecture: The software should be built using a secure, reliable and scalable server-side architecture such as Java/J2EE, Node.js, PHP, etc.

2. Web services and API integration: The software should have the capability to integrate with various web services and API's such as social networking sites, payment gateways, etc.

3. Data storage: The software should have a reliable data storage solution such as a database or a cloud storage solution.

4. Security: The software should be secure and have measures in place to protect against unauthorized access, data leakage, and malicious attacks.

5. User interface: The software should have an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

6. Documentation: The software should come with comprehensive documentation that is clear and easy to understand.

7. Mobile compatibility: The software should be mobile compatible and optimized for various platforms such as iOS, Android, etc.

8. Performance: The software should be optimized for performance and should be able to handle large amounts of data without any issues.
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Dylan V.

Coolsmile software is user friendly and easy to navigate. There are many customisation options available which makes the software flexible to use. I found the auto-updates for the software to be fast and efficient. The customer service is also very helpful and available to answer any queries. The software is suitable for both small and large businesses. Overall, I found the software to be a great asset to our business. It has helped us to streamline our processes and increase our efficiency. The features are robust and the software is reliable.
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