Copy Protect


Enables the protection of files against duplication, copying, or illegal distribution

Operating system: Windows


Release: Copy Protect 2.0.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Protecting original work and intellectual properties while avoiding people stealing your work is harder than ever in the digital era, where stealing is as simple as a few button clicks. Copy Protect for Windows is a fantastic program that prevents this from happening and allows users to feel safe and secure in knowing that their file is safe from unauthorized duplication, copying, or illegal distribution. Copy Protect works by converting supported file formats into executable programs that only work on the devices that you authorize it for. If someone tries to run the file on a device that is not supported, the executable will not run and will be rendered functionally useless. Fear, not users, these executable programs will not require special software to run, they will run on any computer just the same as they usually wood except the user you have given the file will only be able to view it, not copy it or duplicate it anyway.

Included in the software is a built-in document viewer that lets the user view their documents as another user would on an authorized device. Copy Protect even includes playlist functionality, which allows the program to double as a media manager by which you can manually manage all of your personal documents and files. For the distribution of protected files from Copy Protect, the user has multiple options they can go with. The program can be run in a portable version meaning flash drives or external storage is an excellent means of exchanging these file types. Doing it remotely via email is also possible, as is support for burning these protected files to CDs, DVDs, and other physical storage mediums. Copy Protect is functionally much more than just a simple protect system. Through the formatting options available to users, simple USB storage devices can be transformed into full functional publishing media carriers and storage units with the assurance that the data is safe and always secure at the forefront for users.


Allows for files to be shared in executable mode only thus preventing the copying of them to unauthorized devices
  • The program transforms supported file types into executable programs only thus preventing users from copying or duplicating the file without permission
  • Set authorized devices that the executable can run on thus ensuring the executable will be functionally useless on devices that are not authorized by the user
  • Can run in portable version and supports CD's, DVD's, flash drives, and other physical storage mediums
  • Built-in document viewer for convenient previewing on the part of the user
  • Playlist functionality allows users to manage and view their entire file libraries through the program interface

Operating systems: Supports all versions of Windows

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