by Cryptoexpert

A software which lets you to store data and secures it like a vault

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cryptoexpert

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CryptoExpert provides additional storage to store and secure our sensitive files on our pc which is using encryption to safely secure our data, if you're unaware about your antivirus software, you buy this software which is a reasonable price to get this software which gives you additional security to safe secure our data from being hacked or affected by the virus.

This software uses encryptions to protect the data or sensitive files, this is the promising solution to protect our data, however, it is not unbreakable encryption, it's just a cipher which keeps away people from seeing things and provides cache hiders to hide your data cache, this data cache is the key to access the data from outside like hacked by hackers.

If you want more protection for your data, you can use advanced encryption standard(AES) which provides extra security for our data, this is a modern encryption algorithm which is a more advanced feature than the cipher 

It very simple to use installation is easy doesn't consume too much ram to install we can create a storage vault which is very easy, after creating the storage vault simply copy-paste the sensitive files, which you want to be secure, and then you can create a password to protect the vault and there is a one important and interesting feature, which you can save your password on your USB drive as a second authentication factor.

If you still not convinced, you can provide antivirus software to point out that the storage vault to have some extra security. 

However, there is some drawbacks it lacks some security features but it's not very concerning to secure our data

This software will help you to protect your data from being stolen by hackers or affected by viruses, it functions like storage vault which will secure our data. it's mainly focussed to protect our data by using encryption

  • Creates secure storage for sensitive files
  • Two-factor authentication required to access your storage
  • Easy to use

It lets you save your password on your USB drives to get the second authentication 

If you've ever wanted to create your own password vault, then be sure to check out CryptoExpert for Windows. This program offers you your choice of encryption algorithms to ensure the security of your data that you consider confidential for your eyes only. Unless a user has the correct password to the vault, they will be unable to access your files. The program is perfect for bank certificates, personal photos, or work files.
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