by UVViewSoft

The Windows version of the multi-platform open-source text and source code editor.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: UVViewSoft

Release: CudaText 1.83.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CudaText for Windows is the Windows version, an open-source text and source code editor. It is written in Object Pascal and generated with the Lazarus IDE. It has low resource requirements and can be run on old machines. It also boots very quickly, unlike many source code editors. A python engine is built into the windows installer.

Provides a free text and source code editor that has low requirements!

  • Automatically highlight syntax for over 230 common languages, including the ability to fold structures.
  • View a minimap or micromap of your document
  • Automatically generate Code trees.
  • Find and replace using regular expressions.
  • Open files of various encodings
  • View your document in various color schemes
  • Access the Python console
  • Add features directly from the software with the plugin menu.
    • Add new lexers for even more encodings and language highlighting.
    • Add linters to check the validity of syntax.
    • Add a plugin to synchronize scroll through multiple documents.
    • Get help from a prolific community of plugin developers.
  • Use multiple cursors to edit multiple lines of text at once.
  • Use special HTML and CSS autocomplete features.
  • View picture files
CudaText (7.52 MB)
CudaText 1.19.2 (13.72 MB)
CudaText 1.22.4 (13.69 MB)
CudaText 1.24.3 (13.77 MB)
CudaText 1.32.4 (9.97 MB)
CudaText 1.45.2 (10.05 MB)
CudaText 1.58.2 (10.16 MB)
CudaText 1.75.4 (10.25 MB)
CudaText 1.79.1 (10.25 MB)
CudaText 1.81.2 (10.26 MB)
CudaText 1.83.1 (10.3 MB)
CudaText (11.97 MB)
I write code for a living. And let me tell you, all text editors are NOT created equal. I've used many a text editor in my time, but none even come close to the quality of CudaText for Windows. CudaText helps you organize your code, helpfully and automatically coloring different commands, numbering each line, and making it easier than ever to keep track of your coding - no matter how complex it gets!
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