Curse Client


Operating system: Windows


Last revision: Last week

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Curse Client is a modern client of voice communication, which gives an opportunity to communicate comfortably with friends or clan allies during the game. The program supports group conferences, includes text chat and offers a convenient overlay screen to control the call without distraction from the game. You can set up overlay for most multiplayer games from Steam and The League of Legend game is also supported. The program boasts good sound quality. In addition to the standard mode in which the user's microphone is turned on permanently, it can be operated by pressing a key or automatically activating the microphone by sound.

Another important feature of Curse is the search and installation of add-ons to popular multiplayer games. Over time, it becomes difficult for an active player to monitor the release of new versions of addons. That's when the Curse Client comes to the rescue. The only drawback of the application can be considered a small list of supported games. In general, the program was originally created as a plugin manager for World of Warcraft. Later, support for Warhammer Online, Runes of Magic, Rift, Minecraft and the latest parts of The Elder Scrolls series was added.

- allows you to chat with friends in voice and text chat rooms;

- supports group conversations and conferences;

- offers the possibility of creating your own server;

- acts as an addon manager for WoW and some other games;

- can be operated in the overlay screen mode.

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