PlayOn Desktop

by MediaMall Technologies, Inc

Record and watch your favorite streaming sites on desktop!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MediaMall Technologies, Inc

Release: PlayOn Desktop 4.5.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Playon simply is one of the only desktop applications that allows users to freely broadcast their streams and TV shows onto their desktops, it's one of the easiest to use as well. You can stream and cast it to your TV, and any other device you might want to use, it's so easy! It's a few clicks and you've got your favorite TV show on the device of your choice! It allows people to not have to hassle to watch shows the way they want, instead, Playon does the work for you. You can also download your favorite show into a file and it's easy to do, we convert the file for you and then you can watch it whenever you might like to watch. Playon also allows you to convert an entire SEASON of a show with just a few clicks, it's simply really cool! the software does so much for you in such a tiny little program! You can also program the application to record whenever you want, you don't even have to be on your computer when this happens, you just set a timer and we will do the work for you. You can use all your files on any device you might like either, if you're on the run or on vacation and want to watch a show, Playon got you with that as well, there's no reason to worry if you want to watch your favorite TV show while on a train, bus or even in Hawaii! 


  • Recording feature
  • Any device
  • Ad-free
  • Cast to your desktop with ease

Playon completely negates the trouble of having to use just one single streaming service, PlayOn will allow you to enjoy any service whenever or however you want, it's just the best in the business, it allows you freedom with your TV shows.

Able to use desktop mode to watch streams
Marsha Bette
Not sure how this works, but it sounds like a good product. I have Netflix and use it all the time. It sounds like this product is more flexible. I would likely give it a try, if it's not too expensive. I didn't see a price in the ad.
Vysor Share you can send your screen to others remotely so that you can receive or give assistance with an issue. Also with Vysor Share software and apps can be tested across multiple devices from just one interface. Vysor is now wireless. Freeing you to configure your workspace as you wish or connect it to your laptop as you move casually about using your Android features where and how you want to.
This software looks like something like a screen recorder that captures your favorite programs. I found it interesting that this can convert an entire season of a series, and that it is compatible with any device and can take and enjoy anytime and anywhere. It looks good.
Christopher Tarver
This software allows you to stream many things to devices in your household. You can stream video games, movies, videos, and more. You also have the option to upload your own media such as home videos and old pictures, and put them all in a centralized location.
It is an video recording app which can record videos from streaming websites it saves videos on cloud so you don't need any kind of storage if you are using pc and you no longer record videos while you are away you can also download its mobile version it is very useful and i highly recommend it
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