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D3dx9_43.dll - library of functions, which is a necessary component for many games, as well as the operating system itself. The absence of this library often upset gamers who can not run their favorite game. Examples of messages that show that D3dx9_43.dll is missing can be seen in the screenshots.

However, although it is recommended to reinstall the program itself in the messages, this is not where we need to start. To restore the file we need, you can use two options to fix the problem. First and preferred: Reinstall DirectX. Second: Manually copy the file to the appropriate folder.

The first option is more reliable and, moreover, simpler. Install DirectX and the problem should be solved. If, for some reason, the problem has not been solved, you can try to restore the file manually. Keep in mind that DLL files can be infected with viruses, so we recommend you to download D3dx9_43.dll only from this page. The archive with the DLL file also has instructions on how to install it.

If none of the methods has helped, all the following steps should be performed one by one:

to scan the system for viruses. Besides your antivirus, try Dr.WEB CureIt! If the file is constantly disappearing, it may be the result of a virus. Then you need to reinstall DirectX;

Set available updates for Windows. The problem can be solved automatically;

try the 64-bit version of the game or program (if the system supports it) or, on the contrary, the 32-bit version;

For the record:

A DLL library is a file similar in structure to a program, but it never runs independently. It is used by other applications to access the functions it contains.

"The absence of this library often upset gamers who can not run their favorite game." is an unnecessary sentence and is not vital to the description. Also, it is still unclear what the software is in the first section. I do not understand what problem it is trying to fix.
D3dx9_43.dll is a type of error that most computers will have in their lifetime. This software for your pc can solve this. D3dx9_43.dll for Windows is meant to help you solve this error without you having to go to youtube or the internet and look at thousands of unhelpful articles and wasting you lots of time. I would use this if I saw that my computer was becoming worse and worse and it might save me time if I used it. In my opinion, this software is only good to have in case of an emergency otherwise I don't see the point of having it however if you do face this problem it is good to have.
Getting error message and got a message box saying reinstalling.
It is only the related errors for Microsoft DirectX system displayed on the computer software. It is properly installed due that much of errors doesnot seen for another systems. It also applicable for AutoCAD and others. It cause the errors due to playing the games occurring errors are repaired by this software.Ithas some of the restrictions i.e like replacing file doesnot shown in the system then it want to reintall the other programme.
D3DX9_43.dll is a Dynamic Link Library, or DLL, a file that was developed by Microsoft. It is linked to DirectX to help make games run on your computer system. It is a crucial part of DirectX and is needed to allow certain games to work on your computer. It is quite common to find an error when it comes to D3DX9_43.dll, as most people report that when attempting to play a certain game that involves DirectX, an error will pop up saying that it is missing. There are an unlimited amount of resources that can help you when getting this error to be able to download it successfully. Many reasons the error will pop up include the application your trying to run being outdated or not downloading the accurate/safe software for D3DX9_43.dll.
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