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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Piriform Ltd

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Defraggler is an application for defragmentation of a hard disk drive. With Defraggler, you can defragment the entire drive as well as individual files and folders on it. The program supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems, allows you to exclude files by name, extension and other parameters from defragmentation, and can transfer the heaviest files away from the beginning of the disk, which allows the computer to work faster.

Before you begin defragmentation, you can browse the interactive map of the hard disk fragmentation and decide whether to defragment it. If you have little time to complete defragmentation, the program allows you to use the fast defragmentation mode. Installation of programs, creation and deletion of files cause the free disk space to be distributed over the surface of the disk by uneven partitions, which may result in slower system operation. Defraggler eliminates this problem and defragments the free space on the hard disk. This application has a built-in scheduler that allows you to defragment the disk at any time convenient for you (for example, when you are not busy working on your computer). The program has a small size, and its portal version can work from external media.

Matthew (unverified)
Not the greatest considering there is not need for this kind of software anymore. Owning a SSD I have defragged my hard drive in a long time. And this is only needed if you are using fat32 partitioning. Can be used with NTFS. there is no real need to defrag your hard drives anymore.
Charlie (unverified)
Defraggler is software designed for the purpose of ridding a hard disk drive of fragmented files. It is an effective and one of the most reputable defragmenting softwares available for free personal use to general public. If you have a mechanical hard drive, this is a good option for those running Windows 7 or below. For those using Windows 10, there is no need for such software as Windows has all the features Defraggler has to offer built in and does the job on a scheduled basis all the same. In today's world of technology, there are SSDs which have little benefit from Defraggler. Solid State Drives can simply make use of their own proprietary firmware or Windows 10 Defrag utility. But if you're using a Hard Disk Drive, Defraggler is a great option for your NTFS or FAT32 drives that need routine defragmentation.
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