Smart Defrag

by IObit

Freeware that helps to remove malware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IObit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Smart Defrag is a program for defragmentation of the hard disk, which significantly exceeds the speed and accuracy of standard Windows tools. Another important feature of the program is the ability to set up automatic start of media defragmentation at specified intervals. Smart Defrag even has a scheduler that allows you to set up a one-time drive analysis and defragmentation. Both operations can be performed while Windows is booting. Boot defragmentation only works for HDDs, solid state drives (SSDs) are not supported.

Among the interesting features offered by Smart Defrag, it is worth noting the possibility of ordering Windows applications (programs and games downloaded from the Windows App Store). A separate tool is responsible for searching for files of such applications "optimizing" them. It's not quite clear what IObit developers mean by the term "optimization", but after it is executed, applications really start up and work faster. Smart Defrag has recently learned how to optimize game files that are not installed from the Windows store. In the corresponding section of the program the user can choose an executable file (EXE) of the game, after which the program will perform a number of operations that significantly reduce the in-game downloads.

Smart Defrag can operate in four modes: "defragmentation only", "defragmentation and rapid optimization", "defragmentation and full optimization", and "defragmentation and prioritization". You can download and use the program absolutely free of charge.

- defragments disks faster and more accurately than standard Windows tools;

- allows you to set up automatic defragmentation when the operating system is booted at specified intervals;

- can analyze HDDs and SSDs almost instantly;

- Includes tools to optimize Windows Store applications and games installed in a traditional way;

- is completely free.

While this product looks promising and is definitely interesting, I am skeptical of it's claims or authenticity. A defragging tool comes built in with Windows already so there's no real need to buy one. I don't fully believe the claims of optimization either.
This is by far the faster defragging tool I have ever used. I have a few computers that I do a ton of photo and video editing on and they really slow down over time from the tons of edits and copies. But this thing has that all sorted out in no time flat.
Smart Defrag : The main use of the software is to speed up the performance of the computer, Disk Fragmentation is the biggest issue for a computer's slow performance this happens after plenty of usage of the computer, In that case, the Defrag software helps to resolve the computers hard disk issues for speed access and improve the disk performance, access to games will be faster than before. This software has more features and customization for boot time etc.
Hi i have lot of files in my office systems, I cant delete my of the files to improve the speed, so I decided to go for online search for the software's after couple of searches I have come to the conclusion to download the smart defrag, really its worth of every money, really cleaned my cookies and unwanted files data to increase the speed of the system, really recommended for every one.
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