Desktop Calendar

by Desktopcal

Desktop Calendar is a software application that helps users to manage their time and organize their schedules by providing an interactive calendar on their desktop.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Desktopcal

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Desktop Calendar Software
Desktop Calendar is a powerful calendar software that allows users to manage their schedules and events with ease. It is designed to be both intuitive and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their life organized.

Desktop Calendar software provides an easy way to keep track of important dates and appointments.
• Easy to use interface: Desktop Calendar's simple and straightforward design makes it easy to quickly add, view, and manage events.
• Customizable views: Desktop Calendar gives users the ability to customize their view of their calendar to suit their needs. This includes the ability to view the calendar as a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view.
• Calendar sharing: Desktop Calendar also allows users to easily share events and calendars with friends and family. This allows users to coordinate events and activities with ease.
• Reminders: Desktop Calendar also provides users with the ability to set up reminders for upcoming events and activities.
• Customizable themes: Desktop Calendar also allows users to customize the look and feel of their calendar by choosing from a variety of themes.
• Calendar syncing: Desktop Calendar is also capable of syncing with other calendar applications, allowing users to easily view and manage their schedule across multiple devices.

Desktop Calendar is the perfect choice for anyone who needs an easy to use and powerful calendar application. With its many features, it is a great tool for staying organized and keeping track of your events and activities. So if you're looking for a calendar application that is both intuitive and powerful, then Desktop Calendar is the perfect choice.
The softwre must be compatible with Windows 7 and newer operting systems. It must also be able to sync calenders with Outlook, Google Calender, and Apple's iCalender. It should have features such as day/week/month view, the ability to add events and tasks, alert notifications for upcoming events, and the ability to print calender view. The softwware must also be able to export calender data to other applications and formats. The software should be secure and stable, and should not require a sigificant amount of system resources or slow down the computer.
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Callum U*********q

Desktop Calendar is an essintial piece of softawre for keeping my life organised, I've been using it for over a year and overall have been quite happy with it.
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Aaron P.

Desktop Calendar software is a program that helps users manage their schedules and appointments. This software allows users to view their calendar on their computer desktop and quickly add or edit events. It also provides reminders for upcoming events and can sync with other calendar applications. Some desktop calendar software includes additional features such as to-do lists, weather forecasts, and customizability of the interface. This software is useful for individuals or businesses who need to keep track of their daily activities and plan ahead.
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Andrew Q.

Desktop calendar software is a useful tool for organizing and managing daily tasks and appointments on a computer.
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