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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Defiant Technologies, LLC

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DiskDigger is one of the most reliable tools for recovering lost data. First of all, it is worth noting that the program does not require installation and can be run from a portable media. No less important advantages of this tool are powerful algorithms for recovery and a pleasant user interface. In order to enable even beginners to work with the program, the developers "equipped" it with a detailed help file.

DiskDigger works with FAT, NTFS and exFAT file systems. Scanning can be started in two modes: high-speed and meticulous. In the second case, the program will be very scrupulous in searching for disk sectors and will detect much more lost files than in the first one. However, DiskDigger will not indicate the name, but only the sector number in which the file is found. Thus, it will be impossible to determine which sector to restore - it will be necessary to restore everything. This disadvantage more than compensates the fact that the program almost does not make mistakes in the recovery process. That is, the probability that the recovered file will not be readable is quite small. DiskDigger can only search for files with specific extensions. Files of different types will be located in different tabs in the scan results.

- works with all types of FAT file systems, as well as NTFS and exFAT;

- allows you to sort the scan results;

- is able to search for files with certain extensions;

- works in several modes;

- in some cases allows you to preview files.

Samuel (unverified)
The software can show your scan results in a a sorted option. It seem to be a good software to use to work in a lot of modes. This software can let the user search different files on their computer with an extensions. This software is useful to help the person to preview the files.
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