Dr Hardware

by Peter A. Gebhard

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Peter A. Gebhard

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93608

Dr.Hardware is a full-fledged diagnostic utility for a personal computer. It shows a wide variety of information about the hardware components of the PC and the installed software.

Besides, with the help of Dr.Hardware you can perform various tests of the processor, memory, video system and hard disks performance. The test results are then presented in a convenient visual form next to the reference samples for comparison.

- Detailed analysis of computers and their components.

- Complete data about CPU, motherboard, BIOS, cache, memory modules, etc.

- Detailed information about the chipset.

- Data on hard disks, CD-ROMs, modems.

- Detection and reading of sensors (voltage, temperature, fan speed, etc.)

- VGA, AGP tests (chipset analysis, DirectX, VESA modes, driver capabilities, etc.).

- DDC monitor test.

- Information about (E-) IDE / ATAPI devices, SCSI devices (if the ASPI driver is loaded).

- Information about PCI and PnP devices.

- Multimedia devices.

- Reference tests (processor, video, hard disks, CD-ROM, ASPI disks, network disks).

- IRQ, CMOS and Advanced CMOS Setup, DMA interrupts, I/O ports.

- Analysis of Windows memory usage (processes, memory modules).

- Windows configuration information.

- Display diagrams in 2D and 3D.

- Generate reports (print to printer or output file).

- Automatic generation of reports using the command line parameter-R (Example: C:> drhard-g: mypc.qrp).

- Online help (F1).

- Powerful editor with backlit syntax (allows you to edit files over 1 MB).

and others.

Harris (unverified)
Dr Hardware shows the elements of a personal computer and it's components, and shows the readings of sensors such as temperature and voltage. Dr Hardware is great for analytic work, troubleshootin and problem solving. It allows you to perform tests on the processor, memory and hard disks performance, and it produces and presents the results in an appealing and user friendly way.
Murray (unverified)
Keeping drivers current is important and this program performs that task perfectly. It scans, assesses, installs—it does it all! I just set my scanning preference—at start up or some other time—and then let it do its thing. Everything runs better when drivers are up to date!
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