Zorin OS

by Zorin Group

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zorin Group

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Zorin OS is a complete operating system (OS), which was created as an alternative to Windows and macOS. It is based on the popular Ubuntu distribution. The OS has the necessary tools to quickly set up a network connection, supports devices with processors from Intel and AMD, and offers mainly free software. If desired, users can donate money to support the OS development project.

The appearance of the Zorin OS is similar to the graphical interface of Windows 7. The original idea of the new operating system was closely linked to a convenient environment that would help newcomers to switch from Windows to Linux without any difficulty in installing the shell or hardware drivers. Subsequently, the developers decided to focus on improving the reliability of the system: one external beauty of the interface is difficult to manage in today's realities.

OS includes quite standard applications that can be found in any popular Linux distribution. GIMP, LibreOffice, Wine, Rhythmbox and many other utilities are available immediately after installing Zorin. It is also worth mentioning that the default browser is Google Chrome, not Firefox, as is often the case with Linux kernel-based operating systems.

Zorin OS provides several editions: for educational institutions (Standard/Lite), for home use and for solving business problems. Most of them are free, except Premium, Gamer, Ultimate and Business-version. The first two are focused on gaming and multimedia applications, and the latter offer an extended list of programs for accounting, enterprise management and retailing.

- A handy OS installation wizard;

- a graphical shell based on GNOME;

- the ability to configure interface items;

- a big driver library "out of the box".

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It doesn't open and it makes my computer speed slower. I am concerned that this web page might be infected with viruses, I personally did not like the way it works and I would never use it. do not take it personal.
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