Droid Explorer

by Ryan Conrad

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ryan Conrad

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41843

Droid Explorer allows you to manage files on your Android device as easily as you can work with them through Windows Explorer. Although the program supports a large number of devices (Acer Liquid, HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung and others), it may not always work with the latest version of Android, so check the list of compatible devices before using it. The program uses the capabilities of the Android SDK to support viewing and organizing files on the device. For its operation it is necessary to have installed OEM drivers and Busybox, as well as the USB Debugging function enabled on the device. Like any file browser, the program automatically recognizes the connected device and provides access to basic file management operations. It also supports installation and uninstallation of APK applications, and can reboot the device in the "standard" or "restore" modes. Other features include a debug console and a console shell, as well as downloading updates that automatically apply to installed APK applications.

- support for multiple devices;

- A large number of file management functions;

- automatic application of updates;

- Copy files from your computer to your device using the drag and drop method;

- Automatic detection of the connected/disconnected device;

- to reboot the device in both standard and recovery modes;

- Create a screenshot of the device screen.

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