Duty roster


A tool for organizing, viewing, and printing staff duties, attendance and vacations.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CAD-KAS GbR

Release : Duty roster 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The Scheduling Software, also known as "Duty Roster", is a digital tool designed to simplify the management of your staff's schedules and services. It enables you to create a list of your employees and assign a specific service to each one for every day. These services can range from leave, sickness, business trips to regular duties. This solution is perfect for optimizing your company's workflow.

The Scheduling Software provides great flexibility and allows you to view and print monthly or daily schedules. These schedules provide detailed information about the employees' presence and their daily duties. With this software, you can also plan your staff's holidays. It offers a 1:1 preview of printouts, enabling you to verify the schedules before printing.

  • Service Scheduling: The software allows you to assign each staff member a specific duty for each day. The types of services can be leaves, sick days, business trips, or regular tasks.
  • Viewing and Printing: The software provides the option to view and print monthly or daily plans. These plans provide detailed information about employees' presence and their daily service.
  • Holiday Planning: The software enables you to plan your staff’s holidays to avoid any confusion or overlapping.
  • Statistics: The software can generate service statistics for a monthly or yearly period. These statistics can assist in decision-making and optimization of staff management.

Furthermore, the Scheduling Software not only facilitates service planning but also contributes to the optimization of human resources. It enables efficient and systematic management of staff, saving time and avoiding the chaos of manual service planning. This digital solution is a vital asset for any company striving to improve workflow and staff management.

The Duty Roster software allows efficient management of staff schedules, leading to optimized workflow and saved time.
1. Ability to assign specific duties per staff each day.
2. Provides option to view and print monthly or daily schedules.
3. Enables holiday planning for staff.
4. Generates service statistics for a certain period.

Streamlines employee schedule management, optimizing staff workflow.
Offers flexible viewing and printing of service schedules.
Allows efficient planning of staff holidays to avoid overlaps.

Difficult to learn for non-tech savvy staff.
Lacks integration with other HR software.
Occasional glitches slow down scheduling process.
An intelligent job scheduling tool for businesses with dynamic, customer-focused tasks.