A unique package manager for the C programming language.
Roman Numeral Converter
A simple tool to convert Roman Numerals into decimal numbers.
Jewish Calendar
An open-source application used to view Jewish holidays, days, and months.
Temperature Converter
A Windows application to perform conversion operations between different temperature units
Team-organization oriented productivity tool
A data management software to create databases or share information or messages
A free and open-source tool to manage your clipboard history and items
An advanced brand management tool to keep track of your business on social media channels
Mendeley Desktop
Total system management app, with many practical features in place
A UML sequence diagram generator
A versatile catalog creation software used by various businesses.
A great medical oriented tool, providing many features and customizability options
A handy medical software package, providing all the right tools for managing health care services
A versatile software solution that offers the ability to convert any kind of document or even image into PDF files
The most flexible project management tool to boost your productivity.
You need the ultimate organizational and note-keeping tool for work, business, and personal things
Gold Zakat Calculator
Gold Zakat Calculator is a software which calculates the Zakat on gold assets.
An all-in-one project management tool offering features like time tracking and real-time collaboration
Rainlendar Pro
Rainlendar Pro is a feature-rich calendar and task management application that helps you to keep track of upcoming events and tasks.
Memento Database Desktop Lite
Memento Database Desktop Lite is a free, lightweight, cross-platform database management application for managing data from multiple sources.
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