Kennel Connection
Kennel Connection is a comprehensive, easy-to-use pet care software system designed to help manage and track all aspects of pet care.
Rainlendar Pro
Rainlendar Pro is a feature-rich calendar and task management application that helps you to keep track of upcoming events and tasks.
Memento Database Desktop Lite
Memento Database Desktop Lite is a free, lightweight, cross-platform database management application for managing data from multiple sources.
ManicTime is an automated time-tracking and analytics tool that helps you stay on top of your work and be more productive.
Lotto Software USA Oregon Megabucks
This software helps users pick the winning numbers for the Oregon Megabucks lottery.
Rdex is a cloud-based software solution that enables businesses to streamline their office processes and workflow management.
Free Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Manager provides an easy way to store and manage clipboard data.
Taskwarrior is an open-source, powerful, and extensible command-line task management application.
Stacket is an open source project management and collaboration platform for teams to collaborate, organize, and track their work.
Clear Clipboard
Clipboard is a software application that allows users to quickly and easily store and access their copied content from the Windows clipboard.
Cok Free Auto Typer
Cok Free Auto Typer is a free automation tool that can automatically type predefined text and press keyboard keys with a single hotkey.
Chaos Intellect
Chaos Intellect is an email and contact management software that helps users stay organized and manage their communications.
Smart Clip
Smart Clip is a software tool that allows users to quickly and easily copy and paste text, images, and other types of content between applications.
Time & Chaos
Time & Chaos is a personal information and time management application that helps users organize their personal and professional life.
EssentialPIM Pro
EssentialPIM Pro is a powerful personal information management (PIM) program designed to help you easily keep track of your calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and passwords.
Calendar 2000
Calendar 2000 is a digital calendar application for Windows that helps users to easily manage and organize their appointments, tasks, and events.
Uconeer is a powerful engineering unit conversion tool for Windows and Mac.
Notesnook is a cloud-based note-taking and collaboration platform that provides an efficient way to organize and share ideas.
Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator
Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator is a free utility for converting DPI values to Pixels and vice versa.
Chinese Calendrics
Chinese Calendrics is a software application that provides comprehensive Chinese calendar, date conversion, and astronomical information.
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