by Fengtao Software Inc.

A simple to use DVD copying program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fengtao Software Inc.

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DVDFab DVD Copy is a great way to backup your DVDs so they'll stay viewable and in perfect condition forever. If you've ever experienced DVD rot or have lost a disc that you paid for you'll understand how important it is to always have a backup to protect your purchase. This great and very easy-to-use program will help you do that quickly and easily.

One great feature of DVDFab DVD Copy is that if you have a large hard drive you can just store a copy of the entire DVD on your hard drive. This allows you to store multiple full discs in one place without having to worry about keeping track of individual discs. When you want to watch a DVD all you'll have to do is select the one you want to play and it'll start up automatically. But if you prefer physical media DVDFab DVD Copy will allow you to create an exact duplicate DVD. This allows you to more easily play it for other people at different locations.

DVDFab DVD Copy is constantly evolving and learning about new encryption technology. So there's no DVD that it won't be able to copy no matter how new it is. This is accomplished through a cloud database of all released DVDs as people try them. Plus it automatically removes certain watermarks that are placed in the DVD's data to prevent copying. This leaves you with a nice clean image and sound.

An additional great feature is that if you don't want to copy the entire DVD you don't have to. If you only want the movie you can only copy that. Alternatively, maybe you only want to back up certain additional content. You can easily do that too!  DVDFab DVD Copy will let you select exactly what content you want to back up and then only process that. This can help save space on your media so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Over DVDFab DVD Copy is a great program that every media enthusiast should check out! It allows you to back up your DVDs safely and easily in case of future damage or loss to them. It's a great way to protect your investments.

It can backup any DVD and remove watermarks
I was not even aware that this was possible! I am impressed with the fact that this DVD copier software is free, safe and clean. I don't know how they do it, but protection and encryption can be removed and you can copy to a blank DVD or simply save to an ISO file or video ts folder. Instructions and FAQs are easily understandable. I would like to try this product!
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