Dynamic Disk Converter

by AOMEI Technology

Safely convert dynamic disks to basic disks with no data loss

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AOMEI Technology

Release: Dynamic Disk Converter 3.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Aomei’s Dynamic Disk Converter (for Windows) solves the problem of losing data when you convert a dynamic disk (multiple disk drives acting as one drive) back to a basic disk using standard Windows Disk Management tools.

Dynamic Disk Converter is a feature-rich utility with an intuitive interface that makes a once difficult task simple and fast. With Aomei’s DDC you no longer have to back up all the data on your dynamic disk before converting it to a basic disk because DDC can covert any dynamic disk (or multiple dynamic disks) back to basic disks in seconds with no data loss.


Dynamic Disk Converter (for Windows) safely converts dynamic disks to basic disks with no data loss in less than 10 seconds.
  • Conversions without data loss within 3~10 seconds
  • Converts GPT dynamic disks to basic disks
  • Able to convert damaged (invalid or unreadable) dynamic disks to basic disks
  • Converts multiple disks to basic disks simultaneously
  • Ensures system bootable and data security during conversions
  • Works on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Servers.
  • Works on 32-bit and 64 bit systems

A dynamic disk is a set of drives that Windows has been configured to see as just one drive. These types of disks often contain a slew of simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, and RAID-5 volumes. Dynamic storage allows efficient use of hardware and disk volume management without needing to restart Windows, so it is a favorite among many computer gurus.However, when the need arises to convert a dynamic drive back to a basic drive, the only option in the past was to back up all volumes on a separate drive, use Windows Disk Management to convert each disk of the dynamic drive back to basic drives one by one, then move your data back to the now empty basic drives.With Dynamic Disk Converter (by Aomei), converting your dynamic drives to basic drives just got a lot easier: simply choose the drive, choose the conversion method, and less than ten seconds later you have a set of basic drives with all your data still intact. No backups and post-conversion migrations of data needed. Simple, intuitive and safe.

Dynamic Disk Converter allows you to convert dynamic disks to basic disks without experiencing data loss. Not only does it do this, it performs quickly - usually in three to ten seconds! It is also able to convert damaged dynamic disks to basic disks.
I checked out a few similar tools before deciding to go with Dynamic Disk Converter but the ease of use and speed of this tool clinched it for me. I like the intuitiveness of DDC and the fact that it converts any damaged files. A great tool that works well on my two laptops that use two different Windows systems.
Dynamic Disk Converter for Windows solves the problem of losing data when you convert a disk file from file to file. It is totally safe and converts data within 3-10 seconds. The software is able to recover damaged disks and return them back to their former glory. This is the best disk converter you will ever get your hands on!
Riley Almanza
Fix: Windows cannot be installed to dynamic disk. Fix: Find it difficult to manage dynamic disk. Convert Simple Volumes to Primary Partitions. Hard Disk Will Become Dynamic, convert back to basic without losing data. Repair invalid dynamic disk without data loss. Recover Files/Partition From Dynamic Disk In Windows. Free Download
This is a great software. It helped me resize my partition without any data loss and it was very compatible with my system because it enhanced the performance.
This software was everything I expected and hoped for. I was fortunate enough to have this software installed days prior to my computer crashing. Majority of my files and programs were saved. So lucky to have had a friend recommend me this product. If you care at all about the important work you do, especially with Working From Home, save yourself headache and heartache and get this.
Using it would be efficient than other products. I would rather use this software product than other ones. I already know this product. It works well with most of the versions of windows. I would suggest this product anyone who asks me about this product. This product is the product I've seen which has no malware or bugs. Thank the company for creating this product.
Dynamic Disk Converter helps users retrieve or fix damaged, corrupted, or compromised RAID partitions within a setup. Dynamic Disk Converter can work it’s magic on HDD’s up to 16TB, and hosts a number of other intriguing features. Dynamic Disk Converter can support a wide range of formats, file-types, even SSD compatibility is an option. Whatever device needs to have it’s storage recovered, formatted properly or fixed, Dynamic Disk Converter is a solid option to consider.
Dynamic Disk Converter permits you to switch dynamic plates over completely to essential circles without encountering information misfortune. Besides the fact that it does this, it performs rapidly - normally in three to ten seconds! Switching harmed dynamic circles over completely to fundamental disks is additionally capable
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