by NeoSmart Technologies 2019

Expands the Windows BCD bootloader, allowing for dual boots between several Windows OS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NeoSmart Technologies 2019

Release: EasyBCD

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4715

EasyBCD in a turn-key solution for users looking to boot multiple windows incarnations. It allows you to select between Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu or Mac-os from an easy point and click interface. It doesn't matter if you're an expert, or perhaps still learning; Easy BCD is a great fit for any system user. 


  • POWER TO BOOT: If you're choosing from USB drives, an ISO image, Windows, Linux or even virtual disks. EasyBCD lets you have the power of boot choice. No more being limited to just a handful of boot options, now you have the power of EasyBCD and the power of choice.
  • BOOT ON THE GO: EasyBCD makes it a breeze to create and use USB bootsticks. Don't be limited by geography anymore. You can create numerous boot options and map all of these to a bootable USB stick. Even across the platform, EasyBCD can handle it.
  • STAY PREPARED: The easy ability to boot into recovery modes and utilities allows you respite from disaster, and ease of mind. Be ready for the unexpected with EasyBCD's options.
  • BE COMPLEX: Anything from changing flags, to booting convoluted scenarios and or hiding partitions. Have the ability to customize to your level without compromise. 
  • SIMPLE GUI: Most users cringe thinking about computer program UI's. Anything to do with booting a system is typically hard to read and understand. EasyBCD is named easy for a reason! You can use a simple point and click interface to choose your boot options. Switching from Windows to Linux is as easy as pressing a mouse.

EasyBCD is an excellent utility for those who have complex or diverse booting needs for their system. It allows them comfort and peace of mind, knowing that they can handle any situation that should arise. The ease of maintaining systems, coupled with the intense problem-solving ability makes this a powerful utility for said computer users.

EASYBCD allows you the ease of USB booting.

Unlike other utilities, there is no compromise with EasyBCD and booting options. For intricate users, there is even an option for scripting. You can automate and manage the hiding or showing of partitions, or change active flags. 

EasyBCD 2.0.1 (1.31 MB)
Cameron (unverified)
I am not sure if this software would be useful. I can understand what it does, but I would not have a situation where it would be helpful. Maybe it would be useful in test running a program on multiple platforms so you can make sure it runs properly on every machine.
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