by Fix DLLs

A handy utility program that fixes missing or corrupted files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fix DLLs

Release: FREE DLL Fixer

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Last revision: Last week

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FREE DLL Fixer is an interesting little program that more people need to know about. I think everyone here that is on a Windows computer knows the pain of having a program not work due to a messed up DLL file. In most cases, the DLL file is completely missing. This annoying error then forces us to scour the internet for this elusive file and when we finally find it, have to jump through a number of hoops to get it. It is safe to say the entire scenario is extremely annoying. However, FREE DLL Fixer changes all that.


  • Quickly identify any DLL file that is causing your computer of a program to malfunction
  • Instantly download any and all needed DLL files to fix specified errors
  • Search a library of over 30,000 most searched DLL files
  • Completely Free to use

While the average person might not understand exactly why FREE DLL Fixer is so awesome so here is a prime example. Did you know that computer repair companies charge roughly $150 for fixing errors like these? If that wasn't insulting enough, around 45% of all computer repairs are due to these missing or corrupted DLL files. The average user has no idea what is going on and just ships it off to the nearest repair center willing to pay as much as is needed to fix the problem. If they spend just a little bit of time learning that there are tools to fix these problems they wouldn't have to go through the trouble. Not only would they save weeks of downtime due to shipping their systems off, but they would also save a moderate amount of cash in the process as well. The program is very simple to use and intuitive. The set up takes less than a minute and you can start fixing errors immediately. As a tip, I'd start using it immediately because there is a 95% chance that you have a DLL error that will cause an issue later on down the road.

Instantly fix any program that may be unusable due to missing files.
I've been stumped by the DDL not found error message. What does that even mean? I have been searching the web for a free DDL fixer for Windows. Recently, when I was playing games on my PC, I've encountered the DDL error. I ignored it many times but today I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to fix the issue. It turns out that DDL is a Windows code library. If it's not fixed it could cause the system to freeze and crash. I installed the file and it helped me resolve the DDL problem.
Pretty decent DDL fixer. Really love that it's free, as i've paid for one in the past that didn't perform as well as this one. Got rid of all of my DDL errors on my Windows PC with ease. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and haven't encountered any serious problems. Love that you can use the online database to quickly update & fix the missing DDL's. Saves me a lot of time, i'd highly recommend.
FREE DLL Fixer for Windows is much easier than doing the steps yourself. Fix your registry, repair and find missing files has never been easier. Finding the right product to do it for you is also the easiest part. It is compatible with all windows products and devices. The easy to follow instructions makes it dummy-proof.
It could be very useful for programmers and engineers. As an engineer, I have installed a lot of software that contains hundreds of .DLL files and after a while, the files getting disappear from the file location. (probably because of firewall and antiviruses). I have this problem whit games too. If this software can replace the deleted .DLL files correctly it could be an essential program for any software used on Windows.
Does an amazing job of fixing DLL errors. I don't know what I would do without this program. It works better than most other options. Has solved so many problems for me since I started using it, I could not be more pleased with the performance.
DLL problems can be caused by a variety of circumstances. The causes listed below are merely a few of the most common. When your computer system becomes overloaded or vital application files go missing, are mistakenly deleted, or become corrupted, a dll issue may arise. These types of problems can emerge on computers that aren't serviced on a regular basis, resulting in major glitches and system failures. Another cause could be virus or malware-related file loss or corruption. Special software that repairs system elements, removes malware, and tweaks system settings to restore stability may be able to resolve DLL difficulties.
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