EaseUS MobiMover

by EaseUS

Transfer files between iPhones and PCs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EaseUS

Release: EaseUS MobiMover 4.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software is used to manage and transfer files. This can be done from an iPhone to a Windows- or Mac-based computer, or it can be used to transfer files between two Apple devices. It is free to use and the simple and clean design makes for a very easy-to-understand and seamless transfer process. With the use of the easy-to-decipher user interface, it is easy to decide which type of transfer is appropriate for the task at hand. Decide on PC to iDevice, iDevice to PC, or iDevice to iDevice. From there, identify what you are transferring, and confirm the transfer. File management is just as clear and easy to follow. Using the checkboxes, you can transfer, edit, or completely delete the files of your choosing.


  • Transfer from iPhone to iPhone: Transfer the entire content of one iPhone to the other
  • Transfer from iPhone to computer: Quickly copy all data from your iPhone to your personal computer
  • Transfer from computer to iPhone: Move folders and files from your personal computer to your iPhone
  • Transcode and transfer: Using a URL, you can download, transcode, and transfer all in one easy to do step

In conclusion, this free to use software from EaseUS is safe, affordable, and simple. The user interface's pleasant color scheme and clean design allow for the secure and easy transfer of data, data management, and ease of use. The free version of this software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12.

This software is free to use.
Ricky Brown
I was looking for a program to transfer files from my iphone to my computer. I came across this one and im super happy i did. Transferring files is really easy. I have not had one problem with it. If you need to transfer files from your iphone anywhere this is the program to have.
Jude Reich
EaseUS MobiMover is an iPhone organizer. It is software that can replace programs such as iTunes so that you can transfer information easily onto your iPhone of any generation and edit what content is on it. EaseUS is not worth the download if you do not own an iPhone and do not want to organize it. Its Freeware so if you do download it for fun just to test it out you don't pay out of pocket.
What do you do when you get a new iPhone or computer. There is always a hassle of transfering data and apps frome one to the other. That is not always easy. Now, with EaseUS MobiMover you can do it simply and with ease. Easy to download and easy to use. Nothing could be simpler.
EaseUS MobiMover for Windows comes in a "freeware" package ! This advanced app enables you to transfer your files from your own computer, to your iphone, if you need to. This app is extremely advanced and helpful because it will allow you to export your files in ONLY ONE CLICK ! Export files like your contacts, your notes, and even some of your music and videos, in only one click ! This app will even allow you to transfer the same types of files from iPhone to iPhone, in only one click !
This is a fantastic free app! Very easy to use, you can transfer all your content from your iOS and computer / laptop. The best part is that it's not just for your iPhone, it works on iPads and iPods as well, and you can transfe content between them. There's also a data backup function as well as a video downloading system. The interface is super easy to use, and you can use multiple file types such as contacts, notes and even pictures. Fantastic!
EaseUS MObiMOver is one of the best iPhone backup software. Any iPhone users can use this software to backup their data. It helps in data transfer. backup, recovery in an easy way.
I liked this software for its smooth data transfer capability. The file transfer speed is so fast that my backup or file is transferred within a few minutes. It simplifies the process of managing my files. Previously I used other apps for backup. But when I tried this I was so amazed by its performance. One of the best features it has is when I bought a new iPhone I can transfer my all previous files within a minute. Really amazed by its simple ui and stunning speed.
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