Easy Grade Pro

Replaces a teacher's traditional written gradebook with a digital version

Operating system: Windows

Release: Easy Grade Pro 4.0.3

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The Easy Grade Pro is a teacher's new best friend. It has all of the tools necessary to help teachers spend more time teaching their students and less time on the administrative necessities, such as seating charts, calculating grades, and tracking classroom progress. It replaces the old teacher's notebook, grade book, behavior book, and seating chart and rolls them all into one easy and convenient program that can be accessed across multiple platforms. 


  • It allows teachers to more closely monitor their students' progress in multiple areas from grades to attendance and calculates grade averages for both the individual student and the classroom. This helps teachers see what curriculum may need more attention, where students are thriving and where they are having trouble, and how well the classroom is doing overall.
  • It has a student distribution section that will allow a teacher to reassign students to different seats if their current seating arrangement is not helping the student progress. 
  • This program allows you to create multiple reports using different criteria and allows you to include different classes and subjects in each to see how a particular subject or curriculum is going across multiple classrooms. 
  • The modular design allows for a large amount of customization, including creating your own search filters, as well as using the built-in filters (i.e. search by student name, or by assignment). The system can be adapted to any grade level and include multiple subjects and classes.
  • It has a useful email feature that allows you to email progress reports to students or parents right from within the program. It also allows for easy uploading to school or district webservers. 

As ever-increasing demands are placed on teachers, they need to be able to work smarter so they can spend more time with their students, teaching, instead of calculating grade averages and writing out progress reports. This program is a must-have for any teacher looking to save time, and help their students succeed.

It simplifies the process of keeping up with grades, attendance, student evaluations, and other areas, saving both time and effort.

Easy Grade Pro is a teacher's best friend. Software includes all of the tools necessary to help teachers spend their time on teaching as opposed to attending to administrative necessities. Combines the teacher's notebook, grade book, behavior book. and tracking classroom progress into one program to simplify a teacher's life.
John Keck
Easy Grade Pro is software for keeping log and keeping track of your students. I do not like the fact that it is a demo copy and not a free trial since I do not get to experience the program fully prior to buying it, yet, based on what I experienced in the demo it seems solid. If someone does decide to buy it, I am most certain that it works and will do its function, and yet, I would not be in a hurry to buy it. There are tons of other free and cool ways to store grades like you would in a grade book.
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